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The most popular type of server-side script processing comes built-in to the Web server. Two of the most popular commercial Web servers Microsoft Internet Information Server and Netscape servers use this approach. Internet Information Server (IIS) supports active server pages internally; Netscape servers support server-side JavaScript. Built-in server-side script processing makes processing scripts transparent. For the server administrator, there is no additional software to install and configure. For the Web page developer, once you know what Web server software is running, you know what type of scripting you can use and you know it will work (as shown in Figure 11-5).
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Total credit card revenue / Average credit card receivables The calculation: Total credit card revenue Average credit card receivables $728,624 $10,508 69.3 times
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Table 2.2 Idiosyncratic Bodily Experiences Legs/feet Tense Loose Cold Heart rate Perceived Irregular Accelerated Arms/ hands Tense/relaxed Sweaty/cold Neck /shoulders Tense Stomach Tense
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where the inequalities follow from Theorem 9.6.1, Lemma 9.6.3, and the de nition of capacity without feedback, respectively. We now prove Pinsker s statement that feedback can at most double the capacity of colored noise channels. Theorem 9.6.3 Cn,FB 2Cn .
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9. Click the Delete Files button. 10. Put a checkmark in the Delete all of ine content box, and then click OK. 11. To exit the Internet Options, click OK.
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