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FIGURE B-1: Different but equivalent schematics to light an LED lamp
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The Four Subsystems of the Personality Biosphere Intrapsychic Biological Matrix Interpersonal Dyadic Matrix Triadic Relational Matrix Sociocultural-Familial Matrix Function of the Human Personality System Evolutionarily based: survive, adapt, replicate, and self-actualize Structures Physical or component regulatory systems that are associated with one another forming stable configurations or patterns, such as affective-cognitive, defensive-coping, neuro-cognitive, marital dyads, family, cultural, and others. The biopsychosocial model represents the basic structural components. Processes of the Human Personality System Just as the human body is composed mostly of water, the human personality system is composed mostly of complex and intricate processes among domain systems. Processes that occur include: 1. Homeostasis disequilibria: The personality biosphere seeks to maintain a state of equilibrium of process and function, but experiences disequilibria as a result of developmental progression. Adaptation requires an alternation between these two states. States of dysfunction are characterized by irregularity of this process. 2. Dif ferentiation integration: Development requires a process of increasing differentiation among component systems and gradual integration. Systems that do not do so become maladaptive. 3. Chaotic states and strange attractors: Embedded as humans are in the total ecological system, part-whole relationships dominate. Complex systems are also prone to chaotic states of disequilibria often caused by small reverberating perturbations in components of the system. 4. Fractals or elements of the whole evident in parts: Complex systems converge at various domain levels and express common themes or patterns that therapists and social scientists discover and use in the process of pattern recognition. These are expressed as various convergences that have been variously termed transference, countertransference, reenactments, repetitive maladaptive patterns, neurotic complexes, family patterns, and others. These fractals are convergences of attractor states that require identification and narration or symbolization. 5. Familial and cultural transmission: Cultural (memes) and familial information (rituals, roles, etc.) are carried forth by complex transmission processes that both shape and are shaped by the system in a bidirectional manner.
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To begin the creating scrolling text: 1. Launch Flash and open the scrollText.fla file. Most of the project is completed for you. The document, as shown in Figure 11-5, consists of a banner, two images, and a blank text field. The loadVariables action has already been assigned to the first frame. To the right of the text field is a multi-functional slider. The upper and lower arrows scroll the text. The white bar at the top of the slider can also be dragged to scroll the text. The up and down arrows are buttons nested in a movie clip. The white bar is in a movie clip nested with an invisible button that is coded so that the movie clip can be dragged vertically when the button is pressed.
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batch or could create information gaps about the process. Objective methods that provide a rapid answer to control the fresh-sausage or cooked-ham process according to the CCPs established (Tables 30.9 and 30.10) are the measurement of temperature, air circulation, time, residual CO2/O2 concentration, and relative humidity; the sealing package test; and metal detectors. Scheduled visual inspection can also be used for monitoring some preventive measures at CCPs, despite their being criticized because the impartiality and accuracy of human sensorial evaluation are in uenced by various factors. However, this subjectivity can be reduced and avoided with training. Records of monitoring measurements are essential to provide a pool of data that the process is under control. Over a period of time and after the application of statistical methods and critical analysis, these records will contribute to the establishment of new criteria and new safety objectives, thereby improving the implemented system.
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