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412 Appendix D
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The setup and release of VCCs at the user network interface (UNI) can be performed in various ways:
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basis, they make up approximately 10 12% of the total weight of fresh skeletal muscle. Therefore, they are very important in meat chemistry and in determining the functionality of meat proteins. Myo brils are the contractile machinery of the cell and, like the cells where they reside, are very highly organized. When examining a myo bril, one of the rst observations that can be made is that the cylindrical organelle is made up of repeating units. These repeating units are known as sarcomeres. Contained in each sarcomere are all the structural elements needed to perform the physical act of contraction at the molecular level. Current proteomic analysis estimates that over 65 proteins make up the structure of the sarcomere (Fraterman et al. 2007). Given that the sarcomere is the most basic unit of the cell and that the number quoted in this analysis did not take into account the multiple isoforms of the proteins, this number is quite high. Many of the proteins interact with each other in a highly coordinated fashion, and some of the interactions are just now being discovered. The structure of the sarcomere is responsible for the striated appearance of the muscle cell. The striations arise from the alternating, protein dense A-bands and less dense I-bands within the myo bril. Bisecting the I-bands are dark lines known as Z-lines. The structure between two Z-lines is the sarcomere. In a relaxed muscle cell, the distance between two Z-lines (and thus the length of the sarcomere) is approximately 2.2 m. A single myo bril is made up of a large number of sarcomeres in series. The length of the myo bril and also the muscle cell is dependent on the number of sarcomeres. For example, the semitendinosus, a long muscle, has been estimated to have somewhere in the neighborhood of 5.8 104 to 6.6 104 sarcomeres per muscle ber, while the soleus has been estimated to have approximately 1.4 104 (Wickiewicz et al. 1983). Adjacent myo brils are attached to each other at the Z-line
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If no reply is received by the client within a preset length of time, the client will retransmit the request up to an administered amount of times. The retransmission is regulated in that it will randomly send retransmission requests. This is to ensure that the network will not be flooded with requests should clients somehow sync their transmissions (purely by coincidence). Before retransmission, the Secs field is updated.
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Figure 15.13 illustrates the link performance of an FM ber-optic system for video channels. Table 15.1 shows typical link budgets for an HFC AM system.
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through the second iterative loop, the resulting position. Then, a veri cation of the initial hypothesis concerning the integer ambiguities is required, possibly leading to a new updated set of integer ambiguities, thus a new second loop process.
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