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10.7 Possible Evolutions with Availability of the Future Signals 335
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Be careful when using the End method. If the active cell is at the perimeter of a range, or the range contains one or more empty cells, the End method may not produce the desired results.
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SRMSD. See Standardized root mean squared difference (SRMSD) SRRS. See Social Readjustment Rating Scale (SRRS) SSD. See Standardized sum of squared difference (SSD) SSIS. See Sport Spectators Identification Scale (SSIS) SST. See Socioemotional selectivity theory (SST) Stability: continuum of predictability and, 446 differential, 759 mean, 759 structural, 759 Stage-based models: career stage descriptive models, 714 716 rehabilitation, 406 stages of change model, 320 321, 524 525, 548 550 transtheoretical model (TTM), 320 321, 524 525, 548 550 Staleness: burnout and (see Athlete Burnout syndrome) prevalence and incidence of, 608 609 Standard error of measurement (SEM), 760 761, 763 Standardized root mean squared difference (SRMSD), 760 766 Standardized sum of squared difference (SSD), 761, 763 State-like experiences, 33 State-Trait Anxiety Inventory (STAI ), 38, 41, 572, 743 Statistical inference, approaches based on, 747 Stereotype threat (choking), 439 440 Steroid use, 314 315, 866 868 college athletes, 866 867 health effects, 314 315 professional /elite athletes, 867 reasons for, 867 868 youth athletes, 867 Stimulants, 869 870 Strategies, mental skills training, 293 294 Stress: athlete burnout and, 631 633 cognitive-behavioral management program, 395 coping strategies, perceived effort, 563 564 diathesis-stress models, 312, 325 distress versus, 602 603 exercise and, 482 484, 602 604 genetic bases of individual differences in reactivity to, 104 105 good (eustress), 603 injury and, 380, 391 393 inoculation training, 395 management programs, 394 395 mental disorders and, 325 model of stress-induced cortical dynamics, 103 104 neurobiological model of fear circuit, 104 overall findings and moderating variables, 482 483 performance effectiveness/efficiency, and emotional /physiological, 213 psychopathology and, 312 training stress syndrome, 624 vulnerability continuum and, 312 Striving, valence of the, 14 Structural development theorists, and moral reasoning, 666 Structural dimensional analysis-motoric (SDA-M) method, 338 340, 343, 344, 348 Structural equation modeling. See Confirmatory factor analysis and structural equation modeling (CFA /SEM) Structural (path) model, 778 779 Structural resources, 50 Student Approaches to Learning (SAL) instrument, 790
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Sport Expertise
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Indeed, Net::Blogger has extensions for many weblogging packages. Invoking the engine=> movabletype makes all of the Movable Type interface methods available. If you don t specify an engine, to use Aaron Straup Cope s term, the module will default to the vanilla Blogger interface, which is workmanlike, but dull. You do have to pay attention to the commandset in which the method you are calling is found, however. Note the difference between these two calls:
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Ham usually refers to muscles removed from the hind leg of pork that has undergone a curing process, although in modern times, ham is often used in a generic way to describe a process rather than a speci c part of a pig (e.g., turkey ham, shoulder ham, etc.). The American Meat Science Association Committee produced Guidelines for Sensory, Physical and Chemical Measurements of Ham circa 1982. They listed the important sensory descriptors covering avor (6), aroma (5), appearance (9), and texture/ mouthfeel (7). They also recommended using eight-point category scales for the color of cured ham (pale to dark), cured avor intensity, juiciness, cured pork aroma, and rmness. Rhodes and Nute (1980) used category scales, a sensory panel, and a consumer panel to investigate the acceptability of canned ham differing in water content. Polyphosphate concentration was varied from 0 to 0.80% on a wet weight basis. The intent was to produce hams without the foreign avors associated with increasing polyphosphate levels while water content was increased. There was no signi cant difference attributable to increas457
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(a) Psychologists who offer assessment or scoring services to other professionals accurately describe the purpose, norms, validity, reliability, and applications of the procedures and any special qualifications applicable to their use. (b) Psychologists select scoring and interpretation services (including automated services) on
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Note: When launching a supported external editor, Flash opens the original imported document.
groundwater discharge to wells. Water wells come in a great range of shapes and sizes. For the most part they are approximately vertical excavations from the ground surface down to some position below the water table (or the base of the overlying aquitard where the shallowest aquifer at a given site is con ned). The construction of wells has a very ancient pedigree. For instance, there are hand-dug wells still in use today in parts of Iran which were constructed more than 3000 years ago. Hand-digging of wells was the principal technique of well construction worldwide until the nineteenth century, when various types of drilling rig nally came into widespread use. An interesting collation of early drilling techniques has been presented by Eberle and Persons (1978). The rst drilling rigs operated by means of percussion, with a blade of some sort being repeatedly dropped into the hole to break up the strata into looser fragments which can then be removed using a long, narrow bucket known as a bailer. Alternating periods of cutting and bailing of fragments from the hole eventually results in a deep hole suitable for completion as a well. While percussive drilling can be used to drill in consolidated materials, it is very slow in such applications, and is thus largely restricted nowadays to sinking wells in soft sediments. Further developments in drilling technology were stimulated by the phenomenal growth of the oil industry in the late nineteenth century. To meet the needs of the burgeoning oil industry in Oklahoma and Texas, where it was necessary to drill to depths of many hundreds of meters through consolidated sedimentary rocks, rotary drilling methods were developed. In this form of drilling, a specially shaped drill-bit is rotated in the bottom of the hole, with removal of fragments (known as cuttings ) by means of ushing the hole with a uid. Because of the high pressures encountered in deep oil and gas reservoirs, the oil industry generally uses rather dense barite-based muds as ushing uids during rotary drilling. However, in water-well drilling these muds have the substantial disadvantage of impairing the permeability of the aquifers penetrated by the well. A variety of other ushing uids are therefore
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