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62 dBc (dB down from the carrier level);
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Personality-Based Assessment of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
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Illustrated TCP/IP by Matthew G. Naugle Wiley Computer Publishing, John Wiley & Sons, Inc. ISBN: 0471196568 Pub Date: 11/01/98
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sent. Phil puts the postcards in the correct order to reveal the message he wants to communicate. He goes to the post office and every hour he mails out a postcard. From Phil s perspective the post cards were mailed in the correct order to reveal his secret message to Mary. The chance that these postcards will arrive in the same order in which they were sent, though, is very low. Therefore, even though this technique uses a form of steganography, it has a very low survivability and therefore should not be used to communicate hidden messages. This technique can be adjusted to increase the survivability. What if Phil mails one postcard a day This increases the survivability a little, but it is still not ideal. What if he mails a postcard once a week Now he is approaching a more acceptable level of survivability. If Phil sends one postcard a month there would be a very high survivability rate; however this method is very impractical because sending one postcard a month would take years to get the message across to Mary. Even though there are things you can do to increase survivability you have to make sure that the end result is practical. For a technical example of survivability, look at some methods used to hide information in TCP/IP headers. If my technique is going to be used on a local network and will not pass through any routers, then I can use the TTL (or time to live) field to hide my information. If I then take this technique and use it across the Internet, I will have a survivability issue because each router will decrement the TTL by 1. For greater survivability, I could use a field such as the IP ID because this field does not get modified as it is processed by routers.
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$tags = explode( , $this->tag( MTEntryKeywords )); if (! empty($tags[0])) { print <p><strong>Tags:</strong> ; foreach ($tags as $tag) { print <a href= http://technorati.com/tag/ . $tag. rel= tag > .$tag. </a> ; } print </p> ; } >
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Later Theoretical Developments
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Essential Windows CE Application Programming by Robert Burdick Wiley Computer Publishing, John Wiley & Sons, Inc. ISBN: 0471327476 Pub Date: 03/01/99
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