Protocol 7.5. Release of Chondrocytes from Alginate Beads in .NET

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We refer to the combination of a framework and a sample extension (of that framework) as a starter kit (SKIT) because we intend to use this combination of software as a toolkit that will help us to start developing software projects. SKITs are not intended to be complete solutions, or production-ready code, but the starter kits provided with this book should be useful when learning about distributed database environment (DDBE) concepts, and helpful when creating academic, research, prototype, or proof-of-concept projects. Starter kits like this one can also help us to improve our understanding of the speci c DDBE architecture that we are attempting to develop, as well as the underlying technical facilities we can use, and the technical issues we need to address. In this chapter, we are considering the starter kit that we call the JMS-SKIT. The JMS-SKIT is available for download via the of cial website for this book (see the Preface for further details). We named the starter kit this way because both the framework and the extension contained within it rely on the Java Message Service (JMS) as de ned by the Java Message Service Speci cation (JMS-SPEC) [Java02], which is also available for download via This chapter is intended to be a high-level overview of the starter kit, but it is not intended to be a detailed description of the implementation details. The bundle downloaded from the website contains all the source code, Java documentation, and example con guration les for the JMS-SKIT. It also contains a cookbook (a document containing a collection of recipes ) that describes how to use the starter kit in some common JMS Provider implementation alternatives and offers hints for how to customize the starter kit to work in other scenarios and implementation alternatives. We intend this starter kit to be used primarily for component or subsystem (COS) software development, and especially within the context of a distributed database environment (DDBE). Before we can discuss the JMS-SKIT further,
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affected in habitual runners who were prevented from running for at least 2 weeks due to an injury compared to runners who were able to run without interruption (Chan & Grossman, 1988). However, injury and exercise deprivation are confounded in this study, which limits the interpretation of the results. Another investigation found that 2 weeks of exercise deprivation in male runners was associated with increased psychological distress, insomnia, and social dysfunction (Morris, Steinberg, Sykes, & Salmon, 1990). However, demand characteristics cannot be ruled out as participants were asked several questions preceding the study about their perceived ability to stop exercising, how exercise deprivation might affect their life, and perceived addiction to running. Thus, this area is ripe for future investigation. Qualitative Studies Qualitative approaches (e.g., case studies) offer a different perspective on exercise dependence and its affect on quality of life. For example, the effect of exercise deprivation on mood is clearly evident in the following quotation: I do still get the same feelings of distress if I can t go because the exercise is such a major part of my life. . . . I get very very depressed (Cox & Orford, 2004, p. 183). In fact, exercise-dependent individuals will continue exercising despite being injured and risking further damage; this may be to avoid the withdrawal symptoms from not exercising. I had two weeks off and it was horrible. I wouldn t want to spend 30 years feeling like that (Cox & Orford, 2004, p. 183). Dependence on exercise may even put a financial strain on the individual. Griffiths (1997, p. 166) reported a woman claiming she resorted to (unspecified) socially unacceptable means in order to get money to fund herself to attend jujitsu competitions across the country. Personal relationships with significant others may begin to suffer due to the excessive time devoted to exercise. The need to exercise also may affect how the person functions at work:
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Listing 10-1 Continued
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Simonton, D. K. (1998a). Mad King George: The impact of personal and political stress on mental and physical health. Journal of Personality, 66, 443 466. Simonton, D. K. (1998b). Historiometry and a historic life. Journal of Personality, 66, 487 493. Solomon, R. L. (1980). The opponent-process theory of acquired motivation. American Psychologist, 35, 691 712. Solomon, R. L., & Corbit, J. D. (1973). An opponent-process theory of motivation: Pt. II. Cigarette addiction. Journal of Abnormal Psychology, 81, 158 171. Solomon, R. L., & Corbit, J. D. (1974). An opponent-process theory of motivation: Pt. I. Temporal dynamics of affect. Psychological Review, 81, 119 145. SPSS, Inc. (1988). SPSS-X Trends [Computer program manual]. Chicago, IL: SPSS, Inc. Stone, A. A., & Shiffman, S. (1994). Ecological momentary assessment (EMA) in behavioral medicine. Annuals of Behavioral Medicine, 16, 199 202. Swaminathan, H., &Algina, J. (1977).Analysis of quasi-experimental time series designs. Multivariate Behavioral Research, 12, 111 131. Tobler, N. (1994). Meta-analytic issues for prevention intervention research In L. M. Collins & L. A. Seitz, (Eds.), Advances in data analysis for prevention Intervention Research (NIDA Research Monograph 142, pp. 342 403). Rockville, MD: National Institute on Drug Abuse. Tomkins, S. S. (1966). Psychological model for smoking behavior. American Journal of Public Health, 68, 250 257. Tomkins, S. S. (1968). A modi ed model of smoking behavior. In E. F. Borgatta & R. R. Evans (Eds.), Smoking, health and behavior (pp. 165 186). Chicago: Aldine. Tsay, R. S. (1984). Regression models with time series errors. Journal of the American Statistical Association, 79, 118 124. Tsay, R. S., & Tiao, G. C. (1984). Consistent estimates of autoregressive parameters and extended sample autocorrelation function for stationary and nonstationary ARIMA models. Journal of American Statistical Association, 79, 84 90. van Buuren, S. (1997). Fitting ARMA time series models by structural equation models. Psychometrika, 62, 215 236. Velicer, W. F., & Colby, S. M. (1997). Time series analysis for prevention and treatment research. In K. J. Bryant, M. Windle, & S. G. West (Eds.), The science of prevention: Methodological advances from alcohol and substance abuse research (pp. 211 249). Washington, DC: American Psychological Association. Velicer, W. F., & Colby, S. M. (2001). A comparison of missing data procedures in Time Series Analysis. Manuscript under review, University of Rhode Island. Velicer, W. F., Fraser, C., McDonald, R. P., & Harrop, J. W. (1986). GENTS [Computer program]. Kingston: University of Rhode Island. Velicer, W. F., & Harrop, J. W. (1983). The reliability and accuracy of time series model identi cation. Evaluation Review, 7, 551 560.
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Figure 14.4 Registering a device service provider. There is an alternative to registering the device service provider manually. The application DEVSETUP.EXE, created by the DevSetup project on the companion CD, is a Windows CE application that will register the device service provider for you. Simply build the application, download it to your device, and run it. When the ActiveSync service starts, or when a user initiates a data synchronization, the ActiveSync service manager looks in the desktop and device registries to determine what data types to synchronize. On the desktop and device, the service manager gets the programmatic identifier for each registered synchronization data type. It then creates instances of the IReplStore and IReplObjHandler interfaces for each of the corresponding service providers.1
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Continuity check not required Continuity check required on this circuit Continuity check performed on previous circuit Spare
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Evans, M.J., and Kaufman, M.H. (1981) Establishment in culture of pluripotential cells from mouse embryos. Nature 292: 154 156. Friedrich, G., and Soriano, P. (1991) Promoter traps in embryonic stem cells: a genetic screen to identify and mutate developmental genes in mice. Genes Dev. 5: 1513 1523. Grant, D.S., Lelkes, P.I., Fukuda, K., Kleinman, H.K. (1991) Intracellular mechanisms involved in basement membrane induced blood vessel differentiation in vitro. In Vitro Cell. Dev. Biol. 27A: 327 336. Hatzopoulos, A.K., Folkman, J., Vasile, E., Eiselen, G.K., Rosenberg, R.D. (1998) Isolation and characterization of endothelial progenitor cells from mouse embryos. Development 125: 1457 1468. Itskovitz-Eldor, J., Schuldiner, M., Karsenti, D., Eden, A., Yanuka, O., Amit, M., Soreq, H., Benvenisty, N. (2000) Differentiation of human embryonic stem cells into embryoid bodies compromising the three embryonic germ layers. Mol. Med. 6: 88 95. Jurecic, R., Van, N.T., Belmont, J.W. (1993) Enrichment and functional characterization of Sca-1 + WGA+, Lin-WGA+, Lin-Sca-1+, and Lin-Sca-1 + WGA+ bone marrow cells from mice with an Ly-6a haplotype. Blood 82: 2673 2683. Kallos, M.S., and Behie, L.A. (1999) Inoculation and growth conditions for high-cell-density expansion of mammalian neural stem cells in suspension bioreactors. Biotechnol. Bioeng. 63: 473 483. Katayama, N., Shih, J.P., Nishikawa, S., Kina, T., Clark, S.C., Ogawa, M. (1993) Stage-speci c expression of c-kit protein by murine hematopoietic progenitors. Blood 82: 2353 2360. Kaufman, D.S., Hanson, E.T., Lewis, R.L., Auerbach, R., Thomson, J.A. (2001) Hematopoietic colony-forming cells derived from human embryonic stem cells. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 98: 10,716 10,721. Kehat, I., Kenyagin-Karsenti, D., Snir, M., Segev, H., Amit, M., Gepstein, A., Livne, E., Binah, O., Itskovitz-Eldor, J., Gepstein, L. (2001) Human embryonic stem cells can differentiate into myocytes with structural and functional properties of cardiomyocytes. J. Clin. Invest. 108: 407 414. Kocher, A.A., Schuster, M.D., Szabolcs, M.J., Takuma, S., Burkhoff, D., Wang, J., Homma, S., Edwards, N.M., Itescu, S. (2001) Neovascularization of ischemic myocardium by human bone-marrow-derived angioblasts prevents cardiomyocyte apoptosis, reduces remodeling and improves cardiac function. Nat. Med. 7: 430 436. Langer, R.S., and Vacanti, J.P. (1999). Tissue engineering: the challenges ahead. Sci. Am. 280: 86 89. Lavik, E., Teng, Y.D., Snyder, E., Langer, R. (2002) Seeding neural stem cells on scaffolds of PGA, PLA, and their copolymers. Methods Mol. Biol. 198: 89 97. Levenberg, S., Golub, J.S., Amit, M., Itskovitz-Eldor, J., Langer, R. (2002) Endothelial cells derived from human embryonic stem cells. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 99: 4391 4396. Levenberg, S., Huang, N.F., Lavik, E., Rogers, A.B., Itskovitz-Eldor, J., Langer, R. (2003). Differentiation of human embryonic stem cells on three-dimensional polymer scaffolds. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 100: 12,741 12,746. Ling, V., and Neben, S. (1997) In vitro differentiation of embryonic stem cells: immunophenotypic analysis of cultured embryoid bodies. J. Cell. Physiol. 171: 104 115. Luers, G.H., Hartig, R., Mohr, H., Hausmann, M., Fahimi, H.D., Cremer, C., Volkl, A. (1998) Immuno-isolation of highly puri ed peroxisomes using magnetic beads and continuous immunomagnetic sorting. Electrophoresis 19: 1205 1210. Moritoh, Y., Yamato, E., Yasui, Y., Miyazaki, S., Miyazaki, J. (2003) Analysis of insulinproducing cells during in vitro differentiation from feeder-free embryonic stem cells. Diabetes 52: 1163 1168. Mummery, C., Ward-van Oostwaard, D., Doevendans, P., Spijker, R., van den Brink, S., Hassink, R., van der Heyden, M., Opthof, T., Pera, M., de la Riviere, A.B., et al. (2003) Differentiation of human embryonic stem cells to cardiomyocytes: role of coculture with visceral endoderm-like cells. Circulation 107: 2733 2740. Niklason, L.E., and Langer, R. (2001) Prospects for organ and tissue replacement. JAMA 285: 573 576.
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FIGURE 19.12 Example of traf c ow of IEEE 802.16 network.
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