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Study Baker (1974) Low error Medium error High error Kuiper & Fisher (1975) Medium size Five clusters Unequal sizes Blash eld (1976) Mojena (1977) Mezzich (1978) Correlation Euclidean Edelbrock (1979) Correlation Euclidean Milligan & Isaac (1980) Bayne, Beauchanp, Begovich, & Kane (1980) Con guration 1 Con guration 2 Edelbrock & McLaughlin (1980) Correlation Euclidean Milligan (1980) Zero error Low error High error Scheibler & Schneider (1985) Correlation Euclidean
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A Social-Cognitive Perspective on Team Functioning in Sport
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2.5. Ascorbic Acid Stock (5 mg/ml) L-Ascorbic acid phosphate in ultrapure water (UPW) For 20 ml of ascorbic acid stock:
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11 m penalty kicks in soccer 7 m penalty throws in team-handball Serves in volleyball
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on aggression. However, terrorism is situated in historical circumstances that have interesting and largely unexplored psychological aspects. An example is provided by the September 11, 2001, attack on the United States. Most of the terrorists were from Saudi Arabia. Although the government is repressive in that there are no ways to express discontent, the United States supports the regime in exchange for access to oil. The alternative to the king Monarchy would probably be an Islamic state rather than a secular democracy. Such a state is fundamentally religious and is conceived hierarchically rather than democratically. Vatikiotis (1986) noted that it is not based on the skepticism, experimentation, and tolerance essential to pluralistic politics. It is based on a different psychology, and its stability would require the cultivation of a different set of emotional relationships and customs (de Rivera, in press). Hence, we are dealing with the problems of psychological identity and the ambiguous role of religion that will be considered when we discuss the nature of evil. An examination of past attempts to deal with revolutionary terrorism suggests that the more successful have involved meeting the underlying needs that fuel the terrorism, as well as the suppression of terrorist elements. Structural Violence The concept of structural violence has been articulated by Galtung (1969, 1975 1980, 1996) to capture how economic and political structures may place constraints on the human potential. It sees violence as present when humans are diminished and points to the fact that this occurs when social structures prevent the meeting of human needs. Galtung pointed out that modern society is organized hierarchically and that those on top often use their position in ways that exploit those below, preventing them from having the resources they need. The top dogs are in control of resource distribution, and their decisions determine who has access to education, health care, and good jobs. Further, he argued that the top dogs maintain their power by a series of devices that work against the underdogs organizing a resistance. One measure of structural violence is furnished by the human poverty index (HPI; United Nations Development Programme, 1999). This index uses ve variables that re ect the loss of potentials that could be resolved by public policies. These are the percentage of the population dying before age 40, the percentage of underweight children (under age 5), the percentages of the population without access to potable water and without health care, and the percentage of illiterate adults. It is important to realize that the hierarchies of power and privilege that exist within each society are connected to those
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TABLE 22.5 Size of Each Component of Authentication Message in SAS-UAB Components Size Issuer 8 Receiver 8 B 8 Enc(PMK) 40 SP 8 Exp 20 Sig 8
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Thick, clayey Mud-rich sediment, low K (e.g. glacial till or lacustrine clays)
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delivers the optimal solution in the least-squares sense. It can be seen that the model quality of the samplewise evolved model is not signi cantly worse than the quality of the model trained in batch mode. This means that the evolved solution comes close to the optimal one. Integrating all the concepts mentioned previously, the algorithm of FLEXFIS can be summarized as in Algorithm 1 (for further details about the derivation of this algorithm please refer to [41]).
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