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The beginning of the chapter posed the question of whether robots can create art. In the case of physically making marks on paper, it turns out that your robot needs a lot of help from you to make it happen. But along with that technical help, you also make aesthetic judgments as to what parameters should be used by the equations used to control the Roomba. Art is a circular venture: it s created, observed, thought about, and created again using the ideas and opinions
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If while debugging a movie you see a suspicious line of code, you can set an additional breakpoint without exiting the Debugger. Breakpoints you add during a debugging session are only in effect during the session. You can set a breakpoint when the movie is paused by selecting a line of code and then clicking the Toggle Breakpoint button (refer to Figure 14-6). After you run through a few cycles in a debugging session and determine that the line of code where you set a breakpoint is not the source of your problem, you can remove the breakpoint by clicking the Toggle Breakpoint button. To remove all breakpoints and continue testing the movie, click the Remove All Breakpoints button.
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Professional Organizations
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There are three levels associated with multicast: Level 0: No support for multicast. Level 1: The ability to send multicast but not receive. Level 2: The ability to both send and receive multicast packets.
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11.2 A Chronological Review of the Past Evolution of Applications 349
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and research in many problem areas that affect brain functioning, this section will highlight the problems of epilepsy, degenerative diseases, and head injuries.
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PSYCHOSOCIAL FACTORS INFLUENCING THE IMPACT OF CANCER Coping Although the type of tumor, treatment, diagnosis, and prior quality of life greatly determine the course of the disease, there are certain coping responses that signi cantly in uence the adaptation process (Burgess, Morris, & Pettingale, 1988; A. Nezu, Nezu, Houts, Friedman, & Faddis, 1999). When facing a stressful life event, such as cancer, various coping skills and styles are valuable in maintaining adequate functioning and can actually moderate the negative impact of such traumatic events on physical, social, and emotional functioning (Billings & Moos, 1981; Moyer & Salovey, 1996). According to Lazarus and Folkman (1984), the term coping refers to the cognitive and behavioral activities by which a person attempts to manage a potentially stressful situation (see also chapter by Manne in this volume). Researchers have investigated the association between various coping styles and psychological adaptation and health outcome among oncology patients. Such variables include avoidance/denial, ghting spirit/optimism, problem solving, and health information. Avoidance/Denial In the psychosocial oncology literature, denial generally is de ned by constructs such as avoidance, distancing, and emotional suppression (Moyer & Levine, 1998). In general, research has yielded con icting results regarding the impact of denial on adjustment. For example, Watson, Greer, Blake, and Shrapnell (1984) interviewed cancer patients after surgery and found that those who initially denied the seriousness of the illness reported less mood disturbance as compared to those patients who initially accepted the implications of the disease and admitted fears of death. Other studies further suggest that avoidance acts as an escape from the stressful situation or as a positive short-term coping mechanism for avoiding the overwhelming problems associated with the
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