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tations, one or more DTMF digits (e.g., a series of 7s or 9s) are used to indicate the rst stage s response, while in others, DTMF digit(s) followed by a continuous tone which could be a modi ed or bona- de dial tone are used. It is therefore important to determine this tone, either from the manufacturer s speci cations or through trials and testing. We utilize some rudimentary addition, detection, and tuning of the tones to detect the readiness of the next stage (of dialing) to accept the incoming digit strings. The upper and lower frequencies and the tolerances (which can vary from G1 to G100 Hz) at the boundary
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Figure 17.1 Item characteristic curves for a one-parameter IRT model.
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Psychosocial Oncology
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In general, random LDPC codes show a slightly better BER performance than that of structured LDPC codes, but these latter codes are much less complex to encode than the former codes. The construction approach proposed by MacKay [4, 5] is random, while other approaches include those based on nite eld geometries, balanced incomplete block designs and cyclic or quasi-cyclic structures [10, 11].
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which constitutes the estimate for the symbol at position j. If the estimated decoded vector d = S (in general expressed in the form of H d = 0), satis es the syndrome condition H d then the estimated decoded vector d is considered as a valid code vector c = d. Otherwise, and if the decoder reaches the predetermined limiting number of iterations without nding a suitable code vector that satis es the above syndrome condition, then each symbol has been optimally estimated, even though not all the symbols of the code vector actually transmitted have been correctly decoded.
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Table 4-10 mt_notification Definition
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VBA includes a useful function called Array. The Array function returns a variant that contains an array (that is, multiple values). If you re familiar with array formulas in Excel, you ll have a head start understanding VBA s Array function. You enter an array formula into a cell by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Enter. Excel inserts brackets around the formula to indicate that it s an array formula. See 3 for more details on array formulas.
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Exploratory Data Analysis
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