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not, it then contains at least one bit error, and a request is sent to the transmit end to retransmit the block (or frame). Even with the addition of LRC, errors can slip through. In fact, no error-detection system is completely foolproof. There is another method, though, that has superior error detection properties. This is the CRC. It comes in a number of varieties.
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Customers(2) = Customers(1)
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Illustrated TCP/IP by Matthew G. Naugle Wiley Computer Publishing, John Wiley & Sons, Inc. ISBN: 0471196568 Pub Date: 11/01/98
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FN Cost $28.40 479 9.3% 322 6.9% 369 7.6% 279 6.1%
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RTP does not provide for any Quality of Service (QoS) parameters such as those that
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Frame Structure. This is the standard E1 frame structure described in 6. Channel 16, in compliance with the E1 standard (CCITT Rec. G.703) carries the signaling information. Channel 0, the synchronization channel, is the responsibility of the user. Thus primary service is 30B + D (i.e., not 30B + D + S, where S means synchronization). Timing Considerations. The NT derives its timing from the network clock. The TE synchronizes its timing (bit, octet, and frame) from the signal received from the NT and synchronizes its transmitted signal accordingly. In an unsynchronized condition that is, when the access that normally provides network timing is unavailable the frequency deviation of the free-running clock shall not exceed 50 ppm.
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There are notably fewer equivalent cross points for a given number of lines and trunks than in a space-division switch. A PCM switch is of considerably smaller size.
Stratospheric Chemistry: Aerosols and the Ozone Layer
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