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In the preceding example, your image, called image.gif, should be exactly 200 200 pixels. By setting the scrolling attribute to no, you are assured that a scroll bar won t be to the right of your image. By setting the frameborder attribute to zero for both the columns in the first row of the page, you are assured a border won t be around the banner or around the image next to the banner.
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Figure 5.6 Unity radius Smith chart with source and load stability circles. Region outside the unity radius Smith chart is the unstable source. Stability and ESD improvement achieved with shift along axis toward radial center
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Perceived Prejudice and Discrimination as Stressors A Stress Model A number of investigators have independently proposed that perceiving oneself to be a target of prejudice or discrimination is a psychosocial stressor. For example, Dion, Dion, and Pak (1992) contended that perceived prejudice or discrimination is a social stressor because it elicits cognitive appraisals of threat such that its victims see themselves as being deliberate targets of negative behavior by one or more out-group antagonists and impute stable, malevolent motives and intentions to them. Moreover, prejudice and discrimination are often unpredictable stressors, entailing greater adaptational costs for the victim than a predictable or controllable stressor (see Allison, 1998, for an excellent discussion of other stress models). If perceived prejudice and discrimination are indeed stressors, they should produce in individuals various socialpsychological consequences known to result from stress, such as negative affect, reported stress, psychological or psychiatric symptoms, and lowered sense of well-being, as well as heightened in-group identi cation (a frequent response to external threat to one s group). Dion et al. s stress model of perceived discrimination has now been amply supported by both experimental and correlational studies. In an experiment varying perceived prejudice in an attributional ambiguity
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This statement retrieves the name of the first *.xl file in the specified directory. The second argument for the Dir function lets you specify the attributes of the files. An argument of 7 retrieves filenames that have no attributes, read-only files, hidden files, and system files. Consult the online help for specifics.
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break; case IDC_WITHDRAW: xBmp += 4*BMP_WIDTH; xBmpPressed += 4*BMP_WIDTH; break; default: break; } //End of switch(nID) block The WM_DRAWITEM handler first extracts the information it needs to draw the button bitmaps such as the device context of the button and the button s bounding rectangle. Next, it initializes the two offset variables, xBmp and xBmpPressed, to the x pixel offsets of the first unpressed and pressed button images. The nID switch statement then adjusts these values to correspond to the left edge of the appropriate button bitmaps depending on which button sent the WM_DRAWITEM message. For example, if the WM_DRAWITEM message was sent by the IDC_DEPOSIT button, xBmp and xBmpPressed are set to the values 96 and 120, respectively. These values correspond to the leftmost pixels of the images to be used to draw the pressed and unpressed states of the IDC_DEPOSIT button. Finally, the WM_DRAWITEM handler checks the itemState of the button, and displays the proper image with a call to BitBlt: /* If the button is pressed */ if (lpdis->itemState & ODS_SELECTED) { BitBlt(hdc, rc.left,, (rc.right-rc.left), (, hdcButtons, xBmpPressed,0,SRCCOPY); } /* If the button is not pressed */ else { BitBlt(hdc, rc.left,, (rc.right-rc.left), (, hdcButtons, xBmp,0,SRCCOPY); } return (TRUE);
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