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Cryptography played a major role during World War II. Both sides spent a lot of time and money trying to crack the cryptography schemes of the other. In fact, throughout most of the major (and minor) wars of history, cryptography has played a critical role.
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1. N. Abramson, The ALOHA system Another alternative for computer communications, Proceedings Fall Joint Computer Conference. 2. M. Alasti and N. Farvardin, D-PRMA: A dynamic packet reservation multiple access protocol for Wireless Communications, MWSiM, ACM, 1999. 3. K. Balaji, S. Kapoor, A. A. Nanavati, and L. Ramachandran, Scatternet formation algorithms in the Bluetooth network, Submitted for publication. 4. D. F. Bantz and F. J. Bauchot, Wireless LAN Design Alternatives, IEEE Network, 43 53, Mar./Apr., 1994. 5. V. Bhargavan, A. Demers, S. Shenker, and L. Zhang, MACAW: A media access protocol for wireless LANs, Proceedings ACM SIGCOMM, 1994. 6. C. L. Fullmer and J. J. Garcia-Luna-Aceves, Solutions to hidden terminal problems in wireless networks, Proceedings ACM SIGCOMM, 1997. 7. R. Garces and J. J. Garcia-Luna-Aceves, Collision avoidance and resolution multiple access with transmission groups, Proceedings IEEE INFOCOM, 1997. 8. M. Gerla and J. T. C. Tsai, Multicluster, mobile, multimedia radio network, ACM Baltzer Journal of Wireless Networks, 1, 3, 255 265, 1995. 9. HomeRF, Technical summary of the SWAP specification, Documentation available at, Feb. 1999. 10. IEEE802. 11 Standard, Wireless LAN Medium Access Control (MAC) and Physical Layer (PHY) Specifications, 1997. 11. P. Karn, MACA A new channel access method for packet radio, ARRL/CRRL Amateur Radio 9th Computer Networking Conference, 1990. 12. L. Kleinrock, Nomadicity: Anytime, anywhere in a disconnected world, in Mobile Networks and Applications, vol. 1, pp. 351 357, Baltzer 1996. 13. L. Kleinrock and F. A. Tobagi, Packet switching in radio channels: Part I Carrier sense multiple access and their throughput delay characteristics, IEEE Trans. Commun., 23, 12, 1975. 14. P. Y. Kong, B. Bensaou and K. C. Chua, Multi-code DSSS MAC protocol for integrated services wireless home networks, IEEE Globecom, 1999. 15. M. R. Korupolu, C. G. Plaxton and R. Rajaraman, Analysis of a local search heuristic for facility location problems, Proceedings 9th Annual ACM-SIAM Symposium on Discrete Algorithms, pp. 1 10, 1998. 16. J. F. Kurose, M. Schwartz, and Y. Yemini, Multiple-access protocols and time-constrained communication, ACM Computing Survey, 16, 1, 43 70, 1984. 17. R. O. LaMaire, A. Krishna, P. Bhagwat and J. Panian, Wireless LANs and mobile networking: Standards and future directions, IEEE Communications Magazine, 86 94, Aug., 1996. 18. E. Lo and R. H. S. Hardy, Indoor wireless LAN access methods for factories, IEEE, 1990. 19. S. Lu, R. Srikant, and V. Bhargavan, Adaptive resource reservation for indoor wireless LANs, IEEE, 1996. 20. Mobile Ad Hoc Networks (MANET). 21. M. P. Moroney and C. J. Burkley, Multiple access protocols for Indoor wireless communications, ICWC, 1992. 22. A. Muir and J. J. Garcia-Luna-Aceves, Supporting real-time multimedia traffic in a wireless LAN, Proceedings SPIE MMCN, 1997.
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that the acid production rate determines the mass transfer rate to the aerosol and, together with coagulation, determines its growth rate. However, the existence of the nucleation peak in the numerical model shows that the acid monomer concentration is reduced over that, which would produce the same growth rate from monomer condensation alone. This effect may partly explain why some observed growth rates are larger than those predicted from the monomer concentration. The conclusion is that mass transfer to an aerosol from production of a relatively nonvolatile species can be determined directly from the production rate of the species. The relative magnitude of the two mass transfer mechanisms of direct monomer condensation or nucleation mode coagulation will depend on how close the nucleation rate is to its barrierless limit, and this is presently being investigated [76]. We already know that nucleation mode coagulation is larger at the barrierless limit.
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Once a reasonable level of understanding about the nature of the problem(s) is established, treatment goals and objectives can be developed. Whereas some psychologists explicitly detail treatment goals with their patients and use formal instruments to complete this process, others are much more informal about the development of treatment goals. It is important, however, for both patient and psychologist to have some understanding of the goals that each has in mind so that both parties can work toward the same ends. Once treatment goals are developed, a treatment plan should be outlined to reach them.
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The following CSS was used to create Figure 34-6:
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Many people are unaware of the similarities and differences between clinical psychology and related fields. For example, a popular question is, What is the difference between a psychologist and a psychiatrist It can be
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Note. ECFA was with SMRs plus 2 iterations for communities. Correlations computed by extension analysis (Gorsuch, 1997).
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Experiments conducted at the Hawthorne plant of the Western Electric Company in Chicago, Illinois, from 1927 to 1932 led Elton Mayo to conclude that supervisors who recognize each employee as being special will achieve greater results than supervisors who treat employees as a group.7 The employee who is recognized for special talents and skills will nd this recognition an incentive to continue to do a good job. The front desk clerk who is recognized for being able to sell additional services in the hotel may nd this rewarding; it may t into her career progression plan. This recognition may motivate the employee to duplicate the task in other areas and at other times.
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