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behavioral risk factors, such as smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, and lack of seat belt use (Waldron, 1997), as well as decreased motivation to learn stress management skills (Sieverding, in press). Additionally, women not only report more social support than men, but also have more sources of social support, thus decreasing their dependency on a single source. For example, studies of middle-age people in Massachusetts found that men were more than twice as likely as women to name their spouse (or their partner) as their primary provider of social support (65.5% versus 26.4%). Furthermore, 24.2% of men (but only 6.1% of women) said this was their only source of support (New England Research Institutes, 1997). These data may, in part, explain why men s health is more seriously affected by partner loss through separation, divorce, or widowhood (Miller & Wortman, in press). At rst glance, gender differences in negative emotions appear to favor men. In most studies, women report more negative emotions such as depression than men (although this is not consistently found in populations where women and men have similar roles, such as college students; NolenHoeksema & Girgus, 1994). Although women may report more depression, they may be coping more effectively than men. Generally, men are more likely to use avoidant coping strategies, such as denial and distraction, whereas women are more likely to employ vigilant coping strategies, paying attention to the stressor and its psychological and somatic consequences (Weidner & Collins, 1993). Which style is more adaptive depends largely on the situation. Most stressful experiences consist of uncontrollable daily hassles, which are short-lived and typically of no great consequence. Here avoidant strategies would be more adaptive ( What I cannot control and what can t hurt me is best to be ignored ). Thus, men s strategies are likely to pay off for these types of events, contributing to their lesser experience (or report) of emotional discomfort or distress. But what if disaster hits How do people cope with uncontrollable events requiring long-term adaptation, such as divorce, loss of a loved one, job loss, sudden nancial crisis, and economic uncertainty Here it may be women s greater vigilance that is more adaptive: preparing for the crisis, seeking help, advice, and so on. Consistent with this reasoning are data from the Hungarian population that show that women tend to accept their negative mood as a disorder to be treated, whereas men are more likely to engage in self-destructive behavior, such as excessive alcohol consumption (Kopp, Skrabski, & Sz kely, in press). Similarly, research on how people cope with disasters (e.g., hurricanes and tornadoes) supports the notion of men s maladaptive coping: Increases in alcohol consumption and depression were related to personal disaster exposure among
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OEMs can use the Windows CE shell component to write their own custom shells for their devices. For
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Introducing Sound File Formats
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Next Frame or Previous Frame sets the destination frame to the next or previous frame. Frame Number, Frame Label, or Expression allows you to specify a frame. An expression is any
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Fundamentals of Telecommunications. Roger L. Freeman Copyright 1999 Roger L. Freeman Published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc. ISBNs: 0-471-29699-6 (Hardback); 0-471-22416-2 (Electronic)
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Blameworthiness, Apologies, and Retribution According to the concept of retribution as atonement, a penalty is just when it is proportionate to the degree of guilt. The penalty is reduced, however, if sincere apologies by the offender are offered. Goffman (1971) named the following
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e g(x) e1.891061 = = 0.8689 1 + e g(x) 1 + e1.891061 That is, the estimated probability that such a person will have an income greater than $50,000 is reported by models based on both data sets to be about 87%. There is a difference of only 0.0026 between the point estimates, which may be considered small, although of course what constitutes small depends on the particular research problem, and other factors. 3. For the 35-year-old divorced female with 12 years of education working 30 hours per week with no capital gains or losses, we have the following logits:
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