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Figure 1.9d A typical hierarchical network. This was the AT&T network around 1988. The CCITTrecommended network was very similar.
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Ames, C. (1992). Achievement goals, motivational climate, and motivational processes. In G. C. Roberts (Ed.), Motivation in sport and exercise (pp. 161 176). Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics. Aristotle. (1985). Nicomachean ethics (T. Irwin, Trans.). Cambridge, MA: Hackett. Arnold, P. (1984). Sport, moral education and the development of character. Journal of the Philosophy of Education, 18, 275 281. Arnold, P. (1999). The virtues, moral education, and the practice of sport. Quest, 51, 39 54. Bain, L. L. (1988). Curriculum for critical reflection in physical education. In R. S. Brandt (Ed.), Context of the curriculum: 1988 ASCD yearbook (pp. 133 147). Washington, DC: Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development. Balaguer, I., Duda, J., & Castillo, I. (2004, September). Achievement goals and values in sport. Paper presented at the Association for the Advancement of Applied Sport Psychology conference, Minneapolis, MN. Beedy, J. P. (1997). SportPLUS: Positive learning using sports. Dubuque, IA: Project Adventure. Beller, J., & Stoll, S. (1995). Moral reasoning of high school student athletes and general students: An empirical study versus personal testimony. Pediatric Exercise Science, 7, 352 363. Blair, S. (1985). Professionalization of attitude toward play in children and adults. Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport, 56, 82 83. Blasi, A. (1980). Bridging moral cognition and moral action: A critical review of the literature. Psychological Bulletin, 88, 1 45. Blasi, A. (2005). Moral character: A psychological approach. In D. Lapsley & F. C. Power (Eds.), Character psychology and character education (pp. 67 100). Notre Dame, IN: University of Notre Dame Press. Boixados, M., Cruz, J., Torregrosa, M., & Valiente, L. (2004). Relationships among motivational climate, satisfaction, per-
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Now that you ve slogged your way through the structure of the Gmail markup, you can use this knowledge to give the application a new look. First, however, you will need to install another extension to Firefox. You need the URIid extension written by Chris Neale, found at http://extensionroom.mozdev.org/moreinfo/uriid. Once that is installed, go to your Profile folder. With Firefox, which is the browser I m recommending for this chapter, the location of the Profile folder changes per operating system. Look at www.mozilla.org/support/firefox/edit. html#profile for the official reference. Once inside the Profile folder, you will be adding the CSS you are about to write to the userContent.css file inside the chrome subdirectory. Open the userContent-example.css file, and rename it as userContent.css. You can now add any CSS you like, and have it affect the pages you are applying them to. You differentiate between the sites you want it to act upon by appending the base URL as a class. For example, to apply styles to Gmail, the ID gmailgoogle-com will be added to the body. The style sheet can then use the #gmail-google-com selector to apply styles only to that site. Once the CSS file is saved, restart Firefox, and your styles will take hold.
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Command/ Response Bit (C/ R). The C/ R bit is not used by the ANSI protocol, and the bit is conveyed transparently.
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Advection is by far the dominant process in all reasonably permeable aquifer materials. This suggests that scoping calculations of solute transport using groundwater ow data alone will provide most of the information we need when assessing a groundwater pollution problem. As a corollary the quanti cation of dispersion usually has a lower priority (Lehr 1988). This is comforting, for dispersive processes in aquifers are not nearly so well understood as is advection. Dispersion of solutes during groundwater ow has two main components:
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The BLOCKQUOTE has been one of the most misused elements. It should be used to quote a long passage of text and, in the past, to create white space on both sides of your paragraph. Worse yet, people have used nested BLOCKQUOTE elements to get even more white space on their pages. The BLOCKQUOTE element is great for quoting long passages of text. It has an attribute called cite, which, while not currently processed by browsers, could prospectively be used to link to the page where the quotation is found in its entirety. Blockquote <BLOCKQUOTE> Start Tag: Content: End Tag: Attributes: Required Inline elements Required
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marginheight: height of margin in pixels (margin between frame contents and borders on top and bottom) noresize: Boolean attribute (meaning if you want to indicate noresize, you just include the attribute without a value) that tells the browser this frame is not resizable by the visitor scrolling: There are three values for this attribute: yes, no,
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The left side of the profiler displays information on the movie, its settings, and its state. The right section of the profiler shows the Timeline header and graph. In the graph, each bar
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Within a table, you can assign color to several elements. These elements include the borders, the rules, the background color, and the text color. You can specify all these things as the same for a table or you can specify different colors for every rule, border, cell text color, and cell background color. The properties are the same as for the rest of CSS: color, background-color, and the variations on the border/border-color property.
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