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id, class: used in conjunction with style sheets lang, dir: indicate language and text direction; better specified in the BODY element unless this element is an exception to the
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The improved debugger combines the debugging capabilities already in existence with an ActionScript debugger by allowing you to set breakpoints and single-step through the code as it executes. See Testing a movie under Help > Using Flash. The object model integrates
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size of the data eld supplied by the LLC is determined by the maximum frame size and address size parameters of a particular implementation. The FCS eld contains four octets (32 bits) CRC value. This value is computed as a function of the contents of the source address, destination address, length, LLC data, and pad that is, all elds except the preamble, SFD, and FCS. The encoding is de ned by the following generating polynomial: G(x) x 32 + x 26 + x 23 + x 22 + x 16 + x 12 + x 11 + x 10 + x 8 + x 7 + x 5 + x 4 + x 2 + x + 1.
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Cardiovascular Disease
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Figure 5-2
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Previous Table of Contents Next The Lem Subsystem The Lem subsystem is responsible for carrying out the pieces of the global statement at a particular Lem instance. Each Lem instance executes part of the global plan for a local database at a particular site. The global statement will be broken into pieces by the Planner subsystem and delegated to a particular Lem instance by the Dem subsystem. The pieces of this global statement will typically be of the same type. A global query will usually result in one or more local queries; a global INSERT will usually result in one or more local INSERTS; and so on. The Lem subsystem can implement its operations in any way that it needs to, but typically, we would expect the Lem to leverage the facilities implemented by a local database management system (LDBMS). When this is the case, we would also expect the Lem to access the LDBMS via the Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) API. Although this is the technique used within the SKIT-provided implementation, new projects can also choose to implement the operations in radically different ways. The Lem is essentially a data processor (DP), which means we can implement it in any of the ways we discussed in 1. In particular, we can use any of the alternatives we discussed in Section 1.3 and summarized in Figure 1.6.
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