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Figure 12.3 Test results for d = 2500.
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Many postnatal tissues contain cells that have chondrogenic differentiation potential, but they are not necessarily easily accessible for harvesting chondroprogenitors if autograft tissue engineering is the goal. Tissues such as bone marrow, fat, skin, and possibly synovium may be of practical use for the isolation of chondroprogenitors for cartilage tissue engineering. Cells isolated from each of these tissues have been shown to possess chondrogenic differentiation potential [Erickson et al., 2002; Johnstone et al., 1998; Nishimura et al., 1999; Yates et al., 2001]. The majority of the progenitor cell isolation procedures for tissue engineering used to date have been relatively straightforward because they have not involved steps to specifically purify the chondroprogenitor cells from other cell types. One reason for this has been the lack of speci c markers for these cells. As with any new scienti c eld, the procedures are becoming more sophisticated, with enhanced puri cation schemes for progenitor cells based on various parameters becoming available. Use
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Enabling Technologies for Mobile Services: The MobiLife Book
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per se that increases risk of binge eating, but an individual s chronic overconsumption of food. Stice (2001b) also suggested that (a) the influences of dieting may be different depending on body weight, with overweight individuals being less likely to binge eat than those with fewer adipose tissue reserves; and ( b) individuals who go off their diets, which may occur in longitudinal but not experimental studies, are more at risk for binge eating because they have relaxed their strict rules about eating. Thus, given that multiple explanations have been offered for the relationship between dieting and binge eating and that athletes as a group generally are lean and would have few adipose tissue reserves, additional research is needed to test these propositions and clarify exactly how, if at all, dieting relates to a tendency to overconsume. Individuals who possess inadequate coping skills, have insufficient support networks from which to draw, have difficulty controlling their impulses, and have high levels of life stress would be most at risk for succumbing to the pressures to binge eat that result from dietary restraint (Stice, 1994). In addition, these individuals would be likely to violate dietary rules (i.e., impulsively eat something) and self-comfort through eating as opposed to healthier alternatives, such as talking with friends and family. Research, albeit correlational, supports the connection between disordered eating and insufficient support from friends (Tylka & Subich, 2004), inadequate coping or use of poor coping strategies (Ball & Lee, 2000; Pike, 1995), poor impulse control (Tylka, 2004), and high levels of life stress (Ball & Lee, 2000). Modeled Behaviors Modeling and social conformity are processes that explain the acquisition of some behaviors, particularly for individuals who are part of cohesive units, such as sororities, athletic teams, and family units. In those situations, individuals may view respected others (a) engaging in behaviors such as binge eating and then being reinforced or perceived positively by the larger group (Crandall, 1988); or ( b) expressing certain pathologies, such as with their body image. Through this exposure, individuals may adopt such behaviors and internalize the expressed pathological views. A meta-analysis of existing research demonstrated that modeling is a risk factor for disordered eating, though primarily for binge eating and bulimia and not body dissatisfaction or dieting (Stice, 2002). Because these results are based on only a few studies, the findings should be interpreted cautiously, and the influence of modeling on body dissatisfaction should be investigated further before it is ruled out completely as a potential risk factor.
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New Perspectives on Measurement and Testing in Sport Psychology
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Part I Introducing MythTV
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Financial reports
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