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The Rich Ink Control Programming the Rich Ink Control Programming the Palm-size PC Navigation Buttons Adding Voice Input to Palm-size PC Applications A Real Example Concluding Remarks
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To display a movie clip s properties in the Debugger:
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Open your antivirus program. Choose the option for a manual scan (by telling it to scan a particular le).
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<PRE> This text will preserve bizarre spacing</PRE>
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You can attach a sound from the document Library that has ActionScript linkage to an instance of the Sound object. You can also attach an instance of the Sound object to a .SWF movie that you have loaded into the base movie. When you attach a sound, you refer to it by its linkage nomenclature or by the level that you load the sound into. You can attach the sound to a movie clip, a button, or to a keyframe on the timeline. To attach a sound to an instance of the Sound object: 1. Select the object or keyframe where you want to create ActionScript to attach a sound. 2. Click the arrow to the left of the word Actions. The Actions panel opens.
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It requires additional hardware that can cost more than $100. It doesn t require a dedicated computer. The printer operates independently and doesn t slow down any computers using the network. It allows your printer to be placed almost anywhere in your wireless coverage area.
(i.e., the capacity CG corresponding to white Gaussian noise). (b) Decoding the received vector to the codeword that is closest to it in Euclidean distance is in general suboptimal if the noise is non-Gaussian. Show, however, that the rate CG is achievable even if one insists on performing nearest-neighbor decoding (minimum Euclidean distance decoding) rather than the optimal maximum-likelihood or joint typicality decoding (with respect to the true noise distribution). (c) Extend the result to the case where the noise is not i.i.d. but is stationary and ergodic with power N . (Hint for b and c: Consider a size 2nR random codebook whose codewords are drawn independently of each other according to a uniform distribution over the n-dimensional sphere of radius nP .) (a) Using a symmetry argument, show that conditioned on the noise vector, the ensemble average probability of error depends on the noise vector only via its Euclidean norm z . (b) Use a geometric argument to show that this dependence is monotonic. (c) Given a rate R < CG , choose some N > N such that R< 1 P log 1 + 2 N .
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