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The organism grows on simple laboratory media in the pH range between 5 and 9. On solid agar, the colonies are translucent, dewdrop-like, and bluish when viewed by 45 incident transmitted light (Henry s illumination step). Biochemically, this organism can be confused with such organisms as Lactobacillus, Brochothrix, Erysipelohrix, and Kurthia. A variety of biochemical tests have been devised to separate L. monocytogenes from other Listeria species, such as L. innocua, L. welshimeri, and L. murrayi. Serotyping is also important in the identi cation of this organism, the most important ones being 1/2a, 1/2b, 1/2c, 3a, 3b, 3c, and 4b. Listeria is a psychrotroph capable of growing at temperatures as low as 2.5 C and as high as 44 C. Because dairy products have been implicated in outbreaks of listeriosis, much research has been directed toward cheese and milk products. The organism has been found to survive the processing of cottage cheese, cheddar cheese, and Colby cheese. A question of great concern is whether L. monocytogenes can survive the current pasteurization temperature of milk (i.e., 63 C for 30 min or 72 C for 15 s). Data on this issue are still inconclusive, and research on this topic is still ongoing. It is important to note that at present, the time and temperature regulation for pasteurization of milk has not been affected by the possible heat resistance of L. monocytogenes. The disease starts with infection of the intestine, though the infective dose is currently unknown. Patients may develop transitory u-like symptoms such as malaise, diarrhea, and mild fever. In severe cases, virulent strains are capable of multiplying in macrophages and later producing septicemia. When this occurs, the bacteria can affect the central nervous system, the heart, the eyes, and may invade the fetus of pregnant women and result in abortion, stillbirth, or neonatal sepsis. Several well-documented cases of listeriosis have been reported in Nova Scotia (1981),
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Industrial-Organizational Psychology
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Design of the Fiber Optic Portion of an HFC System
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We may imagine a global culture of peace involving the previous transformations along with an environment in which armaments were controlled and human rights were ensured. Such a culture has been advocated by 20 Nobel peace laureates and promoted by UNESCO. To assist this development, the General Assembly of the United Nations has launched a decade of initiatives to achieve a culture of peace and requested a progress report from the secretary general (see Adams, 2000). Current research is attempting to develop indicators for the eight aspects of such a culture so that it will be possible to assess progress toward its development. Of course, a global culture of peace both in uences and is dependent upon the speci c cultures of peace developed by different societies. Each nation has its own particular challenges, and it seems clear that peace, like human rights, must be developed by a discourse between groups from within each society as theses groups dialogue with groups from without (An-Na im, 1992). The movement toward a culture of peace is the rst social movement that includes nation states as well as people. However, progress toward its goal cannot depend on the initiative of those powerful states whose interest is in maintaining the status quo. Rather, the development of each of the components of cultures of peace will depend on the less powerful nations and on the hundreds of grassroots initiatives by nongovernmental organizations that are constructing the paths of peace described previously. Each of these paths, along with an understanding of aggression, violence, and evil, is critical to developing the aspects of peaceful culture. International arms control and the maintenance of human rights require some system of international security. Given the current state of human development, this security must rest on the strength of some international authority that can take aggressive action when it is required, but whose violence is checked by a division of power and civilian control. Whenever that system of authority is reduced to the use of violent means, this must be publicly acknowledged as an evil. Such an authority will develop only when the strengthening of emotional ties leads powerful nations to surrender their monopoly of violence. NATO and other regional forces are steps in this direction, and we may see a strengthening of UN police forces in an effort to control terrorism. The challenges to achieving a consensus about international norms on terrorism involve issues that must be aggressively negotiated. The path of negotiation, as well as an understanding of the structural changes that perpetrate con ict, is also involved in attempts to increase democratic participation, the sharing of information, and intergroup trust. The latter rests on a mastery of transformative as well as principled negotiation. Such negotiation will be much easier if synergistic societal structures lead those who want power to meet the needs of those without it.
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Unlike most objects, a Comment object does not have a Name property. Therefore, to refer to a specific comment you must use an index number, or use the Comment property of a Range object to return a specific comment (keep reading, and this will make sense). The Comments collection is also an object and has its own set of properties and methods. For example, the following example shows the total number of comments:
Physiological tests have increasingly been integrated into contemporary clinical psychology. Psychological states such as anxiety and stress can be assessed through noninvasive techniques that measure physiological activity (e.g., blood pressure, heart rate, and sweating, respiration, and muscle tension; Blascovich & Katkin, 1993; Gatchel & Blanchard, 1993). Physicians may order and interpret neuroimaging techniques such as Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) (Figure 7.3), Computerized Axial Tomography (CAT), and Position Emission Tomography (PET) scans to examine physiological activities associated with mood and other psychological states. Some clinical psychologists use polygraph or biofeedback equipment to assess physiological activities such as blood pressure, heart rate, respiration, and muscle tension, which indicate levels of arousal, stress,
Appendix B
Series cascode networks, in a common-emitter con guration, are used in bipolar receiver networks to allow for a higher power supply voltage. Series cascode networks are common in both CMOS and bipolar receiver and transmitter architectures. Figure 8.13 shows an example of a single-ended series cascode common-emitter bipolar receiver with inductive emitter degeneration and series shunt feedback element. In this con guration, with two bipolar transistors in series, and inductive elements, the current ow is limited between the VCC and VSS power supply until both transistors undergo bipolar breakdown. Additionally, with the introduction of the second transistor element, the collector of the npn receiver input is electrically separated from the output pad. As stated in the single common-emitter network, the feedback element and the series input resistor are vulnerable during pin-to-pin testing of RF (out) to RF (in).
This function is called by the service manager to get information about a particular type of data synchronized by the device service provider. BOOL GetObjTypeInfo(pObjTypeInfo); The parameter is a pointer to an OBJTYPEINFO structure. This structure is used to tell the service provider which data type the service manager wants information about. The service provider fills in various members of this structure to supply the requested information. typedef struct tagObjTypeInfo { UINT cbStruct; OBJTYPENAMEW szObjType; UINT uFlags; WCHAR szName[ 80 ] UINT cObjects; UINT cbAllObj; FILETIME ftLastModified } OBJTPYEINFO, *POBJTYPEINFO; cbStruct contains the byte size of the structure. uFlags is reserved by Windows CE and is therefore not used. szObjType is a string containing the name of the data type for which information is requested. The service provider uses the other four members to report data type information to the service manager. szName is the name of the file or database containing the data store objects. cObjects is the number of objects of the requested type, and cbAllObj is the number of bytes used to store these objects. Finally, ftLastModified reports the last time any of the objects was modified. For example, the phone list device service provider implements GetObjTypeInfo as follows: BOOL GetObjTypeInfo(POBJTYPEINFO pInfo) { CEOIDINFO oidInfo; //g_oidDB is the global handle to the phone list database CeOidGetInfo(g_oidDB, &oidInfo); lstrcpy(pInfo->szName, oidInfo.infDatabase.szDbaseName); pInfo->cObjects = oidInfo.infDatabase.wNumRecords; pInfo->cbAllObj = oidInfo.infDatabase.dwSize; pInfo->ftLastModified = oidInfo.infDatabase.ftLastModified; return (TRUE); }
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