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HOW SHOULD THE INDEPENDENT AND DEPENDENT VARIABLES BE MEASURED Objective recording of data requires that the behavior activate a transducer with an output that can be stored as a number. A mechanical switch may be used to record a rat s pressing of a lever or a pigeon s pecking at a lighted disk; a photocell circuit may be used to record the location of an animal; and other transducers may be used to record pressures or velocities. Objective recording reduces the possibility that the investigator s expectations can affect the measured behavior. The behavior is usually easy to record, and because it is originally in numbers, it is easy to analyze. The major concern about objective recording is that it does not capture the richness of the behavior that can be observed, although it is usually possible to develop an objective way to measure well-de ned behavior. As an alternative to such objective recording of data, an investigator may use subjective recording of behavior that is observed directly or observed on videotape. One of the advantages of videotaped recordings is that the same behavior can be scored by multiple observers, which permits correlations of the scores to be used as a measure of reliability. The major concerns about subjective recording are that the analysis of the data is time-consuming, that some of the measures may not be highly reliable, and that the measurements may re ect, in part, the expectations of the individuals who are scoring the behavior. Typically, an objective measure of behavior provides information about three questions: What happened Where did it happen and When did it happen The type of response may be identi ed by which transducer was activated (e.g., the mechanical switch of the left lever response). The location of the response may also be identi ed by which transducer was activated (e.g., the photocell circuit at the food cup). The time of the response may be measured by a clock that runs during the session. The resolution of the clock that is used depends
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Sandra Hofmann1,3 , David Kaplan3 , Gordana Vunjak-Novakovic2 , and Lorenz Meinel1 3
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ists if v is inside the circle assigned to u. Hence the problem of broadcasting in radio networks using the geometric model is equivalent to the problem in the graph model but restricted to GRNs. We define a linear GRN analogously, when points are on the line. The radius of the associated circle (or the half-length of the segment for a linear GRN) is called the range of the node. Distributed deterministic broadcasting in linear GRNs was first investigated in [36]. The authors consider n nodes randomly and uniformly distributed on a line of length Ln. The range of each node is 1, and a node knows positions of all nodes at distance at most 1 from it. The authors propose a (deterministic) broadcasting algorithm working (with high probability) in time Ln if Ln is of order n , for 0 < < 1, and in time Ln if Ln is of order n, for > 0. Broadcasting in linear GRNs was also investigated in [20], under different assumptions. The authors consider two scenarios. Nodes are situated at integer points on a line, and each node has very limited knowledge: in the first scenario it knows only its own position and the maximum R over all ranges (but does not even know its own range) and in the second scenario every node additionally knows its own range. In both scenarios, collision detection is available. Under the first (extreme) scenario a sharp lower bound is proved in [20]. The authors show a family of networks with source eccentricity 2, which require time (R) for broadcasting. Under the second, more realistic scenario, they prove the lower bound (D + (log2 R)/(log log R)) on broadcasting time in any network, and construct a deterministic broadcasting algorithm working in time O(D(log2 R)/(log log R)), and thus asymptotically optimal when source eccentricity D is constant. They also announce another deterministic broadcasting algorithm working in time O(D + log2 R) under the same assumptions, and thus asymptotically optimal for D (log2 R). Arbitrary geometric radio networks were first investigated in [39]. The authors study the problem of optimal centralized broadcasting in GRNs. They prove that finding a shortest time broadcasting scheme, given a GRN and a source, is NP-hard. This is a strengthening of a result from [8] where this is proved for general graphs. On the other hand, the authors of [39] show an algorithm working in time O(n log n) and producing a shortest time broadcasting scheme given a linear GRN and a source. Broadcasting in general GRNs was extensively studied in [18]. The focus of this paper is the trade-off between the amount of knowledge about the network that is available to nodes and the time of broadcasting. It is assumed that each node knows the part of the network within knowledge radius s from it, i.e., it knows the positions, labels, and ranges of all nodes at distance at most s. The authors establish results about time of broadcasting in an n-node GRN with source eccentricity D, depending on the value of knowledge radius. It is assumed that the set of possible ranges is bounded and known to all nodes. Both models with and without collision detection are investigated. We first summarize the results assuming no collision detection. For s exceeding the largest range, or s exceeding the largest distance between any two nodes, the authors design an (optimal) broadcasting algorithm working in time O(D) [18]. In particular, this yields a centralized O(D) broadcasting algorithm when global knowledge of the GRN is available. This should be contrasted with the lower bound (log2 n) from [2] valid for some graphs with constant D: the graphs constructed in [2] are pathological, in particular they are not GRNs. generate qr code
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Score Meaning: Item or Norm-Referenced Item Properties 437 Measurement Scale Properties 438 Estimation 439 Test Development With IRT 440 Test Evaluation With IRT 441 Advanced IRT Models 442 Summary 443 OVERALL SUMMARY OF IRT AND ABILITY MEASUREMENT 444 REFERENCES 444
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and can be interpreted as the average ordinal (dis)agreement adjusting for ties on Y. Alternatively, tdyx can be expressed as tdyx = P N , total # untied on Y (25.22)
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