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Like all XML documents, XUL uses the XML declaration, shown in the first line. The namespace is http://www.mozilla.org/keymaster/gatekeeper/ there.is.only.xul. The root element of a XUL document is always the <window> tag.
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How Benefits Managers Are Cutting Costs
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Sharp distinctions, and even modest differentiations, among edge, access, and core facilities are beginning to disappear as abstractions for networking capabilities and virtualization allow for individual capabilities and services to be ubiquitous. Also, the Grid is by definition a distributed infrastructure that can be designed to provide services to any diverse location. Nonetheless, to provide an overview for emerging communications technologies, it is useful to conceptualize these domains to some degree as separate facilities. At the level of basic infrastructure, there are foundation facilities that can be effectively integrated and utilized by the communication services that support distributed Grids. One of the fastest growing areas in networking consists of many new communication devices being designed and developed for the network edge. Because the network edge can be anywhere, especially within a Grid context, perhaps the edge can be broadly defined as any location that contains a device capable of communications intended primarily to serve its own requirements as opposed to supporting other traffic. For example, this definition would encompass many areas related to mobile communications, personal computers, consumer products, especially appliances and related electronic devices, personal area networks, home networks, automobile communication systems, sensors, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) systems, and related tagging devices designed for embedding into many types of physical objects (manufactured and biologically based), many types of premises security devices, and related technologies. The word primarily is important in this definition because of the trend toward making many devices capable not only of serving their own communication requirements but also of serving as a node in a broader mesh network. Increasingly communication components, particularly those using radio frequency communications, are being designed to provide functional options for supporting not only the direct requirements of the device in which it is embedded, but also functions for transmitting pass-through traffic from other nearby devices. Using these capabilities, multiple distributed small devices, even very minute devices, can function as nodes on networks with a mesh topology.
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In this section we introduce four types of ANN models that are most commonly studied and used: the single-layered perceptron, multilayered perceptron, RBF neural network, and Kohonen neural network. B.3.1 Single-Layered Perceptron
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Battling the Tyranny of the Status Quo
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FIGURE 4.4.11 Crosstalk voltage waveforms in range 0 500 ps for several interconnection metal resistivities for single-level interconnections in Fig. 4.4.2a.
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Microstrip Antennas
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