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In the hands Pseudoathetosis: the patient is unable to keep his ngers still in the outstretched position. Because of the lack of feedback on hand and nger position, curious postures develop in the outstretched ngers and hands when the eyes are closed. Clumsiness of nger movement, e.g. when turning over the pages of a book singly, and when manipulating small objects in the hands, made much worse by eye closure. Shirt and pyjama top buttons, which cannot be seen, present more dif culty than other buttons. Dif culty in recognizing objects placed in the hands when the patient s eyes are closed, and dif culty in selecting familiar articles from pockets and handbags without the use of the eyes. Loss of touch and joint position sense in the ngers. In the legs Marked and unequivocal Rombergism. The patient immediately becomes hopelessly unsteady in the standing position when the eyes are closed. As the patient walks, he is obviously looking at the ground and at his feet. Loss of touch and joint position sense in the feet and toes.
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Perfectionism /rigidity Continued vulnerability Negative evaluation of self Dietary restraint Shape and weight-based self-esteem Disgust of food and body stimuli Bodily shame 3 4
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CONTROLLING 401(K) PLAN COSTS To control plan costs, 401(k) managers are still taking an active role in monitoring service providers. Rather than changing providers, though, as they tended to do last year, 401(k) plan managers favorite approach is to keep their existing providers and renegotiate fees with them. A sizable 40% of the survey respondents listed renegotiating service provider fees as their most successful 401(k) costcontrol technique (see Exhibit 5.1), according to an IOMA survey. This was up from the 32.8% who cited it the prior year. As the plan administrator at a nonprofit firm told us, High participation rates plus high contribution levels lead to high plan balances and high average account balances. That, in turn, allowed this 520-employee firm in New York to negotiate lower fees with its service providers. We were able to negotiate lower fees and revenue sharing arrangements with our third-party administrator and vendors, added a large government entity from Texas. When we renew contracts, we do industry comparisons and either renegotiate it or send out a request for proposal. Revenue shares [i.e., for 12-b1 fees, which some fund companies levy to pay for marketing, etc.] from vendors are given back to the participants. This year, the benefits manager noted, vendors opted to renegotiate their agreements, giving us better deals, which also saved the state time and money not having to go through the RFP process. Coming in second on the cost-control effectiveness scale was changing recordkeepers, investment managers, and consultants. Nearly 33% of sponsors overall cited this as their most effective strategy, slightly less than last year s first-place response of 33.5%. We switched to a new fund company with an overall reduction in fund expenses and a better plan and improved Web site access for participants, noted a small private-practice firm in Minnesota. A 544-employee finance company in Washington, D.C., went through the RFP process and changed recordkeepers, moving from Putnam to Vanguard. Vanguard is less expensive, the HR manager told us. Web-based changes occupied the third and fourth places for most successful cost-control strategies and tied for fifth place, according to the survey results. Web-based investment education (25.5%) came in third, Web-based loans (23.6%) fourth, and Web-based plan enrollment and charged/changed loan fees to participants tied for fifth place (22.7%). A restaurant chain in Pennsylvania cited the value of implementing Web-based changes. Our participants now complete all activities through the Internet, the human resources manager stated. We moved our plan to a new provider with lower costs and better account performance. This greatly improved service and
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Repair Cost
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server objects that they construct. Example 6.1 shows the user interface of such an object browser. This browser will be constructed by the vendor of the middleware. The types of objects to be shown in the browser will be defined byusers of the middleware after the middleware has been installed. H ence, the interfaces are defined a considerable amount of time after the browser has been compiled. This means that the browser cannot make any assumptions about the types of object that it is going to display. In particular, it does not have an interface definition of the types from which a client stub could be derived. This browser is an example of a generic object. It needs to defer the definition of requests that obtain attribute values to the time when it is executed. The browser will also need to enquire about type information at run-time so that it knows about the type of the object and can find out which attributes the object has.
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ction novel, The Tenth Planet,15 my rst amateur attempt at ction writing. The central character was a humanlike computer Putral, who had the incredible wherewithal to serve all the needs of an alien planetary civilization consisting of ve planets and a population of 150 billion people. The nexus was striking and obvious: Life had been imitating science ction since Jules Verne voyaged to the moon and before that. If I could fantasize an alien computer of such amazing magnitude as Putral, would it be too much to ask of our own civilization to build a computer that could simply transmit orders to and from an electronic screen for execution in other words, to act as an electronic pit that required no human intervention Convinced that technology, whether we liked it or not, would force fundamental changes to our way of life, I refused to be left in the historical trash bin of status quo obstinacy. The idea grew into an obsession a belief that became my signal mission for the CME. I decided to utilize the Strategic Planning Committee, which I chaired, and which was charged with nding a solution to the competitive challenges of globalization, as the forum to explore everything, including electronic trading. I had carefully appointed to the committee people whom I thought would not be afraid to take on the status quo.16 In mid-1986, even before the committee s deliberations were completed, I paid a visit to Reuters Holding, PLC to test the water. There I posed the critical question to Andre Villeneuve and John S. Hull, two senior executives of the giant international information company. Would Reuters undertake the mission of creating an automated global electronic transaction system for futures and options with the CME Their af rmative response paved the way for the committee s decision. Given today s globalized markets where electronic screens are a ubiquitous xture on the desks of all traders in every corner of the globe, with market quotations and information owing in continuous fashion at speeds nearly impossible to fathom, it is counterintuitive to consider a conclusion different from the one reached by the Strategic Planning Committee in 1986. However, it was a vastly different world back then, and the step we were about to take was of incalculable consequence. As I wrote in Escape to the Futures,17 Just as I had done in 1972 when I entered the unknown waters of currency futures with the IMM, I was now about to ask the futures industry to follow me on yet another odyssey, over oceans, across continents, and through the immeasurable space of high technology. Barron s printed my views:
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methods. For interconnection widths between 2 and 10 mm, using a single GaAs MESFET yields the lowest propagation times. When the interconnection material is changed to WSi2, propagation times for the four methods of driving an interconnection for several values of interconnection length and interconnection width are shown in the Tables 3.10.3 and 3.10.4, respectively. These tables show that, in this case, minimum- and optimum-size inverters cannot be used for interconnection lengths of 1 mm and below and for interconnection widths above 10 mm. Using optimum-size inverters is found to result in the lowest propagation times for all interconnection lengths (see Table 3.10.3) and for interconnection widths below 5 mm (see Table 3.10.4). For interconnection widths above 5 mm, driving the interconnection with a single GaAs MESFET results in the lowest propagation times. EXERCISES E3.1 List and discuss the desirable characteristics of a numerical model that make it more suitable for inclusion in a CAD tool. Review the techniques presented in this chapter from the point of view of their suitability for inclusion in a CAD tool. E3.2 Comment on the validity of the assumptions and approximations used in the analysis of crossing interconnections in Section 3.4. E3.3 Refering to Section 3.7, comment on the relative signi cance of the highfrequency losses in an aluminum interconnection on GaAs in the following frequency ranges: (a) below 10 MHz; (b) 10 MHz 1 GHz; (c) 1 10 GHz; (d) 10 100 GHz; and (e) above 100 GHz. E3.4 Show that for the shortest total propagation time using minimum-size inverters the optimum number of inverters is given by the expression (symbols are de ned in Section 3.10.2) r Ri C i n 2:3Rr Cr E3.5 Show that the value of k for optimum-size inverters is given by the expression (symbols de ned in Section 3.10.3) r Rr Ci k Ri Cr E3.6 Show that the optimal delay is obtained by using a sequence of n inverters that increase gradually in size (each by a factor of 2.71828 over the previous one), where n is given by the expression (symbols de ned in Section 3.10.4) ! Ci n ln Cr
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