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laissez-faire approach shows suf cient regard for autonomy the main thing is to let the patient make up her own mind and it s not always up to me to tell the patient everything about his condition if he wants to know he will ask . But without additional help this may not be enough the patient may not have a high enough level of autonomy. Her autonomy may not yet be of a quality good enough to enable her to exercise a reasoned choice. Indeed, if doctors think respecting autonomy merely means saying over to you whenever there are hard clinical decisions to be made, they have things badly wrong. Super cially it may seem as if a patient s right to exercise the principle is respected if she is left alone to decide to have treatment or not. Certainly she will not be under pressure to do what clinicians would like, but without advice, support and education and especially if she is upset and anxious she may have little or no autonomy to exercise. 3 List ways of enhancing autonomy and contrast these to diminishings or constrainings. In this regard it is important to recognise that the quality of autonomy can be improved or worsened by factors internal to a person factors at least partly within the power of individuals and external factors too. 4 Demonstrate that in health work there is a crucial point at which efforts to create autonomy (Understanding A) efforts to improve the quality of a person s autonomy by trying to enhance what that person is able to do become secondary to a duty to respect autonomy in the sense urged by talk of principles and rights (Understanding B). It can be shown that an autonomy ip can occur, where work to create autonomy must give way to respect for autonomy. 5 Begin to consider solutions to a seemingly intractable dilemma. This occurs whenever it is felt more important to provide for a person s welfare (creating autonomy in line with Understanding A) than to respond to a person s expressed wants (respecting autonomy in line with Understanding B). One trivial example of this dilemma occurs when a decision is made to deny fat children sticky buns even though they want them. A perhaps more serious example confronts doctors who work with people who experience problems with illicit drug use. Should doctors provide the drugs cheaply and safely which is what many drug users want or should they insist on detoxi cation out of concern for their welfare Which policy has most regard for autonomy (Note: It is true to say that if it is argued that autonomy is a quality, and that this quality ought to be increased, then this belief could be translated into a principle. Equally, if health workers have a duty to enhance this quality in others, then it might be argued that this implies a right to have one s autonomy increased. The rst suggestion is undoubtedly true we create principles and there is no reason why we should not create this one. However, we must remember that the principle is not a thing in itself but originates from admiration of a complex human quality. The second recommendation is a little more complicated. If it is meant to imply an objective right, then it is wrong. The duty to create autonomy stems from health workers decisions to commit to work for health, and does not exist before this pledge. Further-
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Australian operators are rst non-European operators who decide to implement GSM and to sign the MoU. ETSI Technical Committee SMG agrees objectives and methodology for an open evolution of GSM beyond phase 2, to be implemented as phase 2 1 . The world s rst DCS 1800 (now GSM 1800) personal communication network opened in the UK by Mercury One-2-One (now One 2 One). Data capabilities launched in GSM networks. GSM MoU Group becomes a legal body, registered as a GSM MoU Association in Switzerland. 10 million GSM users in 100 GSM networks on air in (60) countries world-wide GSM Phase 2 standardisation frozen in ETSI Technical Committee SMG. The rst North American PCS 1900 (now GSM 1900) network opened by American Personal Communications in Washington, DC. Fax, data and SMS services started, video over GSM demonstrated. UMTS Task Force Report on a UMTS strategy for Europe completed. PCS-1900 (now GSM 1900) service, provided to the US Republican National Convention which was held in San Diego, CA. Creation of the UMTS Forum as a world-wide body, dealing with market, regulation and spectrum aspects of UMTS. GSM MoU Association signs co-operation agreement with ETSI. DCS 1800 renamed GSM 1800 and PCS 1900 renamed GSM1900. GSM release 96, the rst release of phase 2 1 , completed by ETSI Technical Committee SMG. Consensus on UMTS strategy achieved by ETSI Technical Committee SMG. 100 countries on air (70 million users in 200 networks). GSM release 97 completed by ETSI Technical Committee SMG. Decision on the basic concepts of the UMTS standard including services, radio and network aspects. 100 million GSM users world-wide. GSM release 98 completed by ETSI Technical Committee SMG. Creation of the Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP), transfer of the UMTS standardisation work. GSM/UMTS release 99, the basis for GSM evolution and UMTS opening in 2002, completed by 3GPP and ETSI Technical Committee SMG and ANSI T1P1. Transfer of the remaining GSM speci cation work to 3GPP, closing of ETSI Technical Committee SMG, creation of a new Technical Committee MSG ( Mobile Standards Group) responsible for European regulatory standards for terminals. 500 million GSM users world-wide.
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VA.; FBI National Academy Associates, Inc., National Academy Associate 4, no. 2 (March/April 2002), 13.
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: ****************************************************** :program SUM.PAR to illustrate recursive arithmetic in parallel FLOPS :instances of are added in one parallel step to SUM TOTAL : ****************************************************** string = "Program SUM.PAR computes the sum of s recursively"; string + " in one parallel step.\n"; string + "Compiling program SUM.PAR"; message "<string>"; declare Number num flt; declare Sum total flt; : -----------------------------------------------------:block 0 - accumulates sum recursively in one parallel step :rule r0 rule (goal Adds num to sum recursively) IF (in Number num = <N> ) (in Sum total = <T> ) THEN message "adding <N> to $<T> getting \(<N>+$<T>\)\n", modify 2 total = ( $<T> + <N> ), fire block 0 off, fire block 1 on; : -----------------------------------------------------:block 1 - final answer :rule r1 rule block 1 (goal Prints final sum) IF (in Sum total = <T> ) THEN message "total of all is <T>\n"; make make make make make make Number Number Number Number Number Number num num num num num num 12.34; 23.45; 34.56; 45.67; 56.78; 67.89;
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In the previous chapter, we started to outline the architecture of the CONTEXT system. In this chapter, we continue this description and concentrate on the Active Application Layer. We provide a detailed description of the active application network platform DINA, which is the distributed execution environment of the CAS system. We also provide a detailed description of the context delivery system, explaining how context information is made available for the different components of the service.
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emerged: the requirement for end-users and applications to have access to and to control high-capacity, deterministic end-to-end connections (lightpaths). A new generation of scientific applications is emerging that couples scientific instruments, distributed data archives, sensors, and computing resources, often referred to as E-science. Grid middleware and applications couple distributed instruments, scientific data archives, and computing facilities with high-speed networks, enabling new modes of scientific collaboration and discovery. As an example, the Large Hadron Collider at CERN will support multiple particle detectors, constructed and managed by huge international teams of researchers who must hierarchically capture, distribute, and analyze petabytes of data world-wide [4]. Many large-scale Grid applications requiring direct access to layer services are being demonstrated at specialized international and national conferences [5]. Further on the horizon, today s E-Science applications are a view of what future enterprise applications will soon require. The banking and medical industries provide just a few examples of the emerging requirements for large scale enterprise applications that will be able to benefit from Grid services based on advanced L1 networking.
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Standard data representations need to define a format for all data that is transmitted during an object request from a client to a server or vice versa. This can be data of all types that can be expressed using the object model of the respective middleware. The definition of standard data representation formats is, therefore, driven by the capabilities for type definitions determined in the object model of the middleware. As we have seen in 4, these object models all include a set of atomic types and have a way to denote object references. And object references and atomic types can be combined in type constructors. The approach taken bythese standard representations is to define how values of each atomic type are represented in a byte stream, how object references are represented in a byte stream and how these representations are concatenated for each of the type constructors supported by the object model. The approaches taken by the different standardized data representations are all very similar and we can examine one archetypal example to understand the principles. We choose C O RBA s C DR for that purpose. C O RBA s atomic data types are encoded in multiples of 8-bit values. As shown in Figure 5.12, C DR defines an alignment for each atomic data type that determines how manybytes on a marshalled byte stream are occupied by values of these types. That alignment also determines the index of the byte stream where data of atomic types maystart. This maylead
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GSM and UMTS: The Creation of Global Mobile Communication Edited by Friedhelm Hillebrand Copyright q 2001 John Wiley & Sons Ltd ISBNs: 0-470-84322-5 (Hardback); 0-470-845546 (Electronic)
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2: Grid Network Requirements and Driver Applications
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Figure 7-6 Path of nondiffracted and diffracted beams in a phase contrast microscope. An annular aperture in the front focal plane of the condenser generates a hollow cone of light that illuminates the specimen and continues (approximately) as an inverted cone that is intercepted by a phase plate at the back aperture of the objective lens. The image of the annulus is in sharp focus in this plane because it is conjugate to the front aperture plane of the condenser. Diffracted specimen rays fill the shaded region of the illumination path.
Time Trends
After a latency of some years following measles in early childhood or congenital rubella, a slowly progressive, fatal syndrome characterized by personality change, dementia, myoclonic seizures, and ataxia occasionally occurs. Speci c anti-measles or anti-rubella antibodies become increasingly evident in the CSF during the illness, indicating the presence of viral antigen within the CNS.
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