Buy Real Estate Options at Prices 5 Percent or Less of the Property s Value
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Once you have scheduled the closing date, the following four things must be done in conjunction with the closing: 1. Have all utility meters read on the day before closing. When you are closing on the purchase of a property under option, on the day before the closing, have all the public and private utility companies providing services that the property owner is responsible for paying read their meters. You must notif y utility service providers that the property is under new ownership so that you do not get billed for utility services that were provided to the previous owner. 2. Have the property taxes prorated using the 365-day method. The only item that cannot be calculated and included on the HUD 1 Settlement Statement at the time it is signed by the optionor and optionee is the amount of the property tax prorations. Property tax prorations cannot be calculated until the actual sale date is known. However, I always stipulate on the settlement statement that the property taxes are to be prorated using the 365-day method. This method of proration is based on the assumption that every year has 365 days. For example, if the annual property tax bill for a small rental property is $4,200 and the seller owned the property for 270 days, the seller s prorated portion of the tax would be $3,108 ($4,200 365 days = $11.51 per day 270 days). However, if the property taxes for the current year cannot be ascertained, stipulate in the closing statement that any tax proration based on an estimate shall be readjusted on receipt of the tax bill. 3. Close the transaction on the last day of the month. If you are closing on the purchase of any type of rental property, I recommend that you close the transaction on the last day of the month. This way, you will be in possession of the property on the first day of the month when rental payments generally are due. And you can collect rental payments and initiate eviction proceedings against tenants who do not pay. In addition, closing the sale on the last day of the month eliminates the need to prorate rental payments.
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Centres and pathways for conjugate gaze, and cranial nerve nuclei 3, 4 and 6, in midbrain and pons
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Queuing time: The time from when the customer enters the system to the instant at which the customer s service begins. Waiting time: The time from when the customer enters the system up to the instant at which the customer s service is complete. Busy period: Begins when a customer arrives to nd the server free and lasts until the next instant at which the server is free i.e., it is the period of time during which the server is continuously occupied. The busy period is distinct from service time in that service time refers to one customer whereas the busy period can involve several customers. These de nitions
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Just as rating agencies rate the creditworthiness of companies, rating agencies often rate the creditworthiness of the products issued by those companies. The simple reason for this is because how a product is constructed most certainly has an influence on its overall credit risk. Product construction involves the mechanics of the underlying security ( 1) and the cash flows associated with it ( 2). To give an example involving the former, consider this case of bonds in the context of a spot profile. Rating agencies often split the rating they assign to a particular issuer s short-term bonds and long-term bonds. When a split maturity rating is given, usually the short-term rating is higher than the long-term rating. A rationale for this might be the rating agency s view that shorter-term fundamentals look more favorable than longer-term fundamentals. For example, there may be the case that there is sufficient cash on hand to keep the company in good standing for the next one to two years, but there is a question as to whether sales forecasts will be strong enough to generate necessary cash beyond two years. Accordingly, short-term borrowings may be rated something like double A while longer-term borrowing might be rated single A. In sum, the stretched-out period of time associated with the company s longer-dated debt is deemed to involve a higher credit risk relative to its shorter-dated debt. Now consider an example of bonds in the context of a spot versus forward profile. As 2 showed, an important variable distinguishing a spot and a forward is the length of time that passes from the date of trade
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