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Precisely what constitutes capacity to consent to sexual activity is unclear in many jurisdictions, even though the de nition of capacity is crucial in establishing a balance between a proper empowerment to exercise sexual rights and effective protection from abuse. Clearly, the higher the requirement for knowledge and understanding, the better protection from abuse but the more that people with a mental disorder may be prevented from exercising their sexual rights. In most European countries, there is no requirement that someone engaging in sexual activity should exercise informed consent of the kind required for medical treatment (i.e. to be informed and to choose voluntarily). As a result, there seems to be no need, in law, for a person to demonstrate that he or she understands the nature of sexual activity, its bene ts and risks and possible alternatives. If there were such requirements, people would presumably need to understand and differentiate between sexual intercourse, masturbation and procreation. They would also need to understand the risks of pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, particularly HIV In addition, . they would need an understanding of alternative forms of contraception and of how to gain the bene ts of sexual behaviour by other means (for example, if they are going
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occurred; and (vii) each context may have additional free attributes. RDF is used as the formal syntax for describing both structure and vocabulary of their ontology. CORBA-ONT [16] is a collection of ontologies in the CoBrA architecture for smart spaces (e.g., intelligent meeting rooms, smart homes, and smart vehicles). Central to this architecture is an intelligent agent called context broker that maintains a shared model of context on behalf of a community of agents, services, and devices in the space and provides privacy protections for the users in the space by enforcing the policy rules that they de ne. Ontologies in CORBA-ONT are expressed in OWL. Key concepts in CORBA-ONT include ontologies about places (e.g., room, hallway), ontologies about agents (e.g., agent, person, role), ontologies about an agent's location context, and ontologies about an agent's activity context.
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Don t you realise that real shops are designed to be very easy to get into, but hard to get out of This was the remark made by an expert retailing strategist, when asked to view a multimedia shopping terminal, which had a prominently displayed exit button on the screen. Yet more evidence that the shopping experience does not just happen; it is created. We are still learning how to recreate these effects in virtual shops. Where one has full control of the user interface, this is easier to do: kiosks and interactive TV may be able to achieve this more readily. However, the weightless nature of the Web, particularly the way that HTML links allow users easily to jump from one server to another with memory-less (stateless) detachment, means that it is more dif cult for on-line sites to hold their customers than it is in a real store. Sites that do manage to a degree to retain customers are known as sticky. Most stickiness is a matter of design and marketing air, making them easy and progressive to move through, with the user feeling that new experiences and offerings are made with every click within the site, but there also some technical aspects that can help to retain customers. This is particularly the case when a site owner is offering service brokering, rather than pure product retail or supply. By this we mean that the site points out to other sites. For example, an on-line travel agency might provide a search service over a number of airlines and car-hire companies, matching dates to availability and lowest prices. Although it may need to let its users have access to the information on third-party airline and car-hire sites, it would rather keep the users on its sites, either to deal through it for commission or because it wants to sell other services insurance, maps, etc. One thing it might try to do is to get customers to register, at the earliest possibility, as described earlier, and it might also try to control the session with the customer through the use of cookies. But suppose this is not considered feasible. The simple approach is to use a multi-framed design. Take the example of a travel broker that needs to display the site of the airline for which it wants to sell tickets (Figure 3.3). Here, Best-Travel is the broker and has embedded the airline ( Europlanes ) Web pages in a frame-set. The strategy is to ensure that the user will navigate within the Europlanes site, but return for any further services, to the Best-Travel site. An especially prominent back-button
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As we have seen, although some ber installations have metallic strength members to ease the mechanical loading of the ber and its various claddings and
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Downloading Files with wget Transferring Files with cURL Transfering Files with FTP Commands Using SSH Tools to Transfer Files Using Windows File Transfer Tools
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|V | + |Q| |U| + |Q| ward(U, Q) + ward(V, Q) |U| + |V | + |Q| |U| + |V | + |Q| |Q| ward(U, V ). |U| + |V | + |Q|
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match is nished. If the new match is not acceptable, the system adapts it to match the requested color and application more closely. The color matcher then makes a physical chip using the adapted formula until a match is found. When the end oval is reached, a formula is obtained that gives the best color match and balance of all other important properties. 6.8.2 Fuzzy Case Retrieval
There are three ways to make money from a patent: use it, rent (license) it, or sell (assign) it. The sale price of a patent is typically one quarter to one half of the expected benefit to the buyer. Ideally, a royalty in a
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