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Equation 8.48 can be put into the form V b b b b b  1 b ` QW b b b T Ub b T Ub Ua _ T v @r T U ; E _ r b @vENU T r h o cos fgeodetic Ub b T T Ub b b b R Sb b b b b Y X o sin fgeodetic P vN rM h
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such as air traf c control, achieving 99.99% availability and correct operation. Although PC reliability is frequently quoted at 99% or higher [17], translating this into downtime reveals a salutary gure of nearly 90 h of service failure per year. Without going to the full extent of providing fully fault-tolerant machines, however, it is possible to achieve outage levels of below 10 h/year by employing machines with some simple ruggedised and duplicated components. These are usually rack-mounted, which means that rmer connections can be made on the back planes and, more mundanely, they are less likely to be left on the oor of the call-centre where they are vulnerable to accidental (and, sometimes, non accidental!) kicks and knocks. Expansion cards are also properly connected to the main processing boards via reliable, passive back-plane wiring rather than by being plugged directly into the motherboard, as happens with most basic PCs. Providing reliable source of power to the system is an obvious need. It should be possible to plug-in a replacement power supply and remove a faulty one from a system without interrupting service. It is preferable to have system which automatically switches over to a new power supply when the current one fails. Do not do not forget to have an alarm go off to let you know this has happened, or you may inadvertently run the system on one supply in ignorance of the failure of the other. Check periodically to see that the alarm is working! Uninterruptable power supplies (UPS) should also be used, in case of failure of the public supply, but again, beware: the author has known these to fail themselves, causing loss of service. One of the least reliable components in integrated electronic systems is the cooling fan. Systems that incorporate fans presumably require them for a purpose, which may not be clear for some time after the fan has failed. So, fans should also be tted with alarms and checked and replaced promptly.
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E-mail, document handling, knowledge management
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constrained (B) channel reaches. (Source of aerial photographs: U.S. Bureau of Land Management, Denver Federal Center, Denver, Colorado.)
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The Smart Card Applications Group (SCAG) is responsible for all commercial aspects of smart card technology within the context of the GSM Association s membership. Terms of reference are to monitor and report on smart card evolutionary potential, to indicate to the
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