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FIGURE 16.5 Illustration of the computation of Di .
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Figure 6.1 shows a schematic overview of the most essential HSDPA RRM algorithms at the RNC and the Node B. At the RNC, the new HSDPA algorithms include HSDPA resource allocation, admission control, and mobility management. In this context, HSDPA resource allocation refers to the functionality that allocates power and channelization codes to the Node-B for HSDPA transmission in each cell. HSDPA admission control is di erent from the Release 99 dedicated channel (DCH) admission control algorithms, since HSDPA relies on a shared channel concept. Mobility management for HSDPA is also a new functionality, since data are only transmitted from one cell to the user equipment (UE) at a time, and e ective Node B bu er management is needed during handovers due to the distributed architecture. The new HSDPA RRM algorithms at the RNC are further described in Section 6.1.1. At the Node B, a new high-speed downlink shared channel (HS-DSCH) link adaptation functionality is needed to adjust the HS-DSCH bit rate every transmission time interval (TTI), depending on the user s reception quality. High-speed shared control channel (HS-SCCH) power control is needed to minimize the power overhead while guaranteeing reliable reception. Finally, the high-speed medium access control (MAC-hs) packet scheduler in the Node B controls how often admitted HSDPA users are served on the HS-DSCH. A welldesigned MAC-hs packet scheduler is able to maximize cell capacity while ensuring
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Consider Figures 5.8a and c where we can easily see that cases such as c and c play an important role in affecting the overall competence distribution in the group. Therefore, it is important to detect such cases (which are called weak links in the following discussion) for possible identi cation of smaller competence groups, such as G1 ; G2 , and G3 in Figure 5.8c, those are having more evenly distributed cases. The competence of these smaller groups can then be computed using equations (5.19) to (5.21). It is worth noting that the competence of weak links can be considered to be their respective individual coverage, which re ects the relation among the several new groups. A new way of computing group competence based on this principle is described next. Competence Error In general, competence groups such as G1 and G2 in Figure 5.8a do not necessarily have the same strictly uniform distribution, and the weak-link case c is not necessarily a pivotal case (a case that cannot be solved by other cases). To deal with this situation, GroupDensity G1 [which is assumed to be equal to GroupDensity G2 ] can be replaced by the average group density of groups G1 and G2 , which can be denoted by GroupDensity Gi ; i 2 f1; 2g. Let GroupDensity Gi GroupDensity G be denoted by GroupDensity. The concept of quasi-uniform distribution can be used to describe the case-base distributions that are close to uniform distribution. As mentioned, the other assumption that c is a pivotal case in the example is not necessarily true in many cases. To address this problem, just consider the individual competence of c as its relative coverage, which is de ned as X 1 5:23 RelativeCoverage e jReachabilitySet e0 j e0 2CoverageSet e Then de ne Competence Error c jGj GroupDensity GroupDensity Gi RelativeCoverage c ! jGj GroupDensity RelativeCoverage c 1 5:24
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ANT/Bosch LCT (later Matra)
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Decomposability of Relations
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Configuring SSH Using SSH for remote login Using SSH to do tunneling Using SSH to provide proxy service Using SSH with private keys Using screen remote multiplexing terminal Accessing remote Windows desktops Sharing remote Linux desktops with VNC
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This section examines some properties that EJB clients share, regardless of the bean type the client accesses.
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removing its rst hexagon. This operation in rare cases may disconnect the HS. This occurs precisely when the rst hexagon occurs twice rather than once in the code. In such cases, the HS is orphan and cannot be generated via the algorithm s generation tree. A specially designed method for generation of orphan HSs must be devised in these cases. However, Caporossi and Hansen [12] proved that orphan HSs do not occur for h 28, so they did not have to deal with the case of orphan HSs in their search. Next, we describe how hexagons are added to create larger HSs. There are three ways in which a hexagon can be added to an HS, exempli ed in Figure 2.8a: 1. A digit x 3 in the BEC code corresponding to edges of a hexagon such that one of the edges belong only to this hexagon can be replaced by a5b, where a + b + 1 = x and a 1 and b 1. 2. A sequence xy in the BEC code with x 2 and y 2 can be replaced by (x 1)4(y 1). 3. A sequence x1y with x 2 and y 2 in the BEC code can be replaced by (x 1)3(y 1). In each of the above cases, we must make sure that the addition of the hexagon does not produce holes. This can be accomplished by checking for the presence of a hexagon in up to three adjacent positions, as shown in Figure 2.8b; if any of these hexagons is present, this addition is not valid. Procedure GenerateKids that generates, from an HS P with j hexagons, its children in the search with j + 1 hexagons is outlined next. 1. Addition of hexagons: Any attempt to add a hexagon in the steps below is preceded by a test that guarantees that no holes are created.
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