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Now that we have reviewed the methods related to the JSP and servlet life cycles, let's take a close look at the environment in which they exist. Understanding the JSP/servlet environment will help us to better leverage the features of this environment that are useful for writing robust Web applications. Figure 8-1 depicts the relevant environmental components and the request/response flow between clients, JSPs, and servlets.
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:enabled rule block control make Enable block 0 ; :turn on block 0, block 20 fire block 0 on ; fire block 20 on ; :bring in data for classification rule generation message "Reading data from blackboard to generate classification rules..\n"; transfer Classdef from classes.dat ; string = "Ready to create new rules and process input data -\n" ; string + "A lot of output will scroll by - you can scroll up and view" ; string + "it in detail by selecting Cancel from any message box\, " ; string + "then entering resume\; when ready to proceed.\n" ; message "<string>"; :run block 0 run 1; :turn new rules off fire block 2 off ; :run blocks 1 and 2 message "Ready to print and fuzzify input data -\n" ; run 1 ; message "Input data after fuzzification -\n" ; run 1 ; :run blocks 3, 4 and 5 message "Preliminary classifications -\n" ; run 1 ; message "Resolving contradictory classifications -\n" ; run 3 ; :run block 7 message "Check all heart chambers present -\n" ; run 1 ; message "Getting final classifications\n" ; run ; message "ECHO.PAR finished.\n" ; exit ; :: ***************************************************** : ****************************************************** :program FUZZIFY.PAR - fuzzifies : ****************************************************** thresh 1 ;
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We establish in the Comparing Monopolies with Competitive Firms section, earlier in this chapter, that a profit-maximising monopoly produces less than the socially optimal level. In particular, the profit-maximising monopoly in Figure 12-4 produces where its downward-sloping marginal revenue curve, MRm, intersects its upward-sloping marginal cost curve, MC. This output level, qm, is less than the socially optimal output level that would be produced by a competitive firm, qc. One way to get the monopoly to produce more is to subsidise its production costs so that the marginal cost curve in effect shifts down vertically. Doing so causes the marginal cost and marginal revenue curves to meet at a higher level of output. And if the subsidy is big enough, the monopoly can be induced to increase output all the way to qc. Some governments use this type of subsidy to get gas, electricity and phone companies to serve more people, especially poor people. If the monopoly firms costs of hooking up customers are subsidised, the firms are willing to hook up more customers than they would without the subsidy. Some people object to subsidising a monopoly, so this sort of solution isn t necessarily the most popular politically; but it is effective in increasing output.
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Figure 5.19 HSUPA E-TFC selection.
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notion of d-separation was de ned in De nition 4.1.14 on page 100. notion of a perfect map was introduced in De nition 4.1.15 on page 103.
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Many new forces are reshaping the way in which banks use networks. Some of these are regulatory, such as the Sarbanes Oxley law and the Bank for International Settlements Basle II requirements. Others are changes in the nature of financial services business, owing to the fact that riskier and more profitable operations need more robust analytical capabilities to support them. In some cases, financial business is becoming more dependent on leveraged activities. This is the case when a bank s investment in a financial instrument such as a hedge depends upon a number of conditions, for instance prices of commodities and currencies. As a result, an entirely new level of accountability is required that is not possible with traditional methods. In these instances, accountants may require banks to change the way in which they evaluate risk and press for the use of more powerful and more rapid number crunching. In addition, financial institutions face declining margins on traditional operations, such as transactions for trading or investments, and one way they try to improve the profitability of these operations is to increase their volume. Many banks and brokerage houses have used more high-powered computing to scale up the number of transactions they support. But this has also required an increase in networking to support these transactions, send information about the transactions to required backup sites, and analyze the transactions for illegal activity, such as money laundering.
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Spatial filtering: Enhances high or low spatial frequency information. Masks composed of various pixel matrices are used for edge enhancement, shadow enhancement, sharpening, or smoothing of the image. Image trace: Traces the trajectories of moving objects. Maximum density trace: Traces the pathways of moving objects that are brighter than the background. Minimum density trace: Traces the pathways of moving objects that are darker than the background. The image display commands of the processor are also versatile and include contrast adjustment with image histogram display, with adjustments for setting the white and black end points; adjustment for differential adjustment of bright and dark features; real-time edge sharpening; split-screen display; pseudocolor; superimposition of a real-time image over an image stored in memory; real-time zooming; superimposed display of scale bar, typed comment, and timer/clock. Image processors also provide image analysis features for measuring lengths of traced lines, areas, particle counts, interpoint distances, and velocities. Intensity analysis commands allow you to measure intensities of points and average intensities within areas; you can also obtain intensity profiles along a line through an image, an image histogram of a designated region of interest, and a three-dimensional profile of intensity levels within a defined region of interest.
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and his wife, Michelle, who had been Liniger s assistant at one point in her own RE/MAX career, needed time to think about it. They stayed up the whole night, drank a bottle of red wine, and talked about their future and what they wanted and needed right now. In the early morning hours, they made a decision. Leaving their new home and Vinnie s new job just wouldn t be right at this point. Liniger took the news in typical fashion. He swore at Tracey, called him terrible names, told him he never wanted to see him again for as long as he lived, and asked him if he d be coming home for Christmas. Tracey laughed and said that he and Michelle would be visiting her parents in Denver. Good, Liniger said. Make sure you stop by the office. Then he swore at him a few more times and said goodbye. That next year, when Tracey heard about Gail Liniger s plane crash two hours or so after it had happened he called Liniger on the phone and told him he was ready to drop everything. Liniger said it was okay and not the right time. Three more years went by. Tracey continued to do superbly well at his new company, but work just wasn t the same. The difference became crystal clear on one of Tracey s most successful days on the job. The president of the company came to town to observe Tracey in action. Like any good salesman, Tracey had lined up a bunch of sweetheart accounts that would be easy to land. But he decided to take a chance. Sir, I can give you a dog and pony show if you like, he said. Or we can roll up our sleeves together, and you can help me sell to three doctors whose business we don t have. We ll need to put on scrubs and get into the operating room with them, but I think it will be worth it. The president of the company was all for it he hadn t been inside an operating room in years. Together, working side by side, they turned two of the three doctors into new accounts. The success broke the ice between them. It was rare at that company to have any friendly contact with the senior group. Maybe, Tracey figured, he had finally pushed through. At lunch, celebrating their win, Tracey asked the president all kinds of questions about the future of the medical technology industry and the company: What s coming over the horizon What are the new products going to do for people Where do you see the big changes happening It was the kind of talk he had loved engaging in at RE/MAX with Liniger and the senior team. But the president didn t feel
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