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The Green s function G xi ; yi ; xj ; yj for the real charge at xj ; yj and the eld point at xi ; yi can now be determined from Eq. (2.5.1) by setting r 1. Therefore
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The reverse Wiener index was introduced in 2000 [32]. Unlike the distance sums, reverse Wiener indices increase from the periphery toward the center of the graph. As we have seen, there are an enormous number of molecular descriptors utilized in computational chemistry today. These descriptors are frequently used to build what are known as quantitative structure activity relationships (QSAR). A brief introduction of QSAR is given in the following section. 3.2.3 Quantitative Structure Activity Relationships
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Coding the Bean Class
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Management of Women at High Risk for Gynecologic Cancers
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What further surgical therapy is advised Should the patient have comprehensive surgical staging
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(ASCE ->DMC) communication The communication in the other direction is done via SOAP messaging process. The ASCE is able to send SOAP messages by using the class CientSOAP. This class implements the method send: public static void send(String xmlstring, String URL); By calling this method, the ASCE will be able to send an event to the DCM. The content in String xmlstring is sent as a SOAP attachment to the servlet located in the mentioned URL, which is in charge of receiving SOAP messages and passing them to the DMC. (b) Interfaces with Service Creation & Authoring: Every CAS which needs service assurance must instantiate a service monitor (serviceMonit class), which is part of the Service Assurance system, and is responsible for asking the service for monitoring data at speci c periods and for passing the information to the ASCE. (ASCE -> CAS) communication CAS services must implement interface context.tid.assurance.service.ServiceMonitMeasure, which grants the ASCE access to service assurance data and alarms. This interface speci es the following methods: void setSpeci c(String[] speci cData): Method called by the serviceMonitor (serviceMonit class) to change the current set of exported CAS speci c assurance data (standard data are always exported). void startMonitoring (): Method called by serviceMonit to let the CAS know that assurance monitoring has begun. The CAS must begin to calculate service parameters. String getAssuranceData(): Method called by serviceMonit to fetch assurance data for the current period. Returns a String that contains CAS assurance data in XML format. void stopMonitoring (): Method called by serviceMonit to let the service know that assurance monitoring has stopped. The CAS stops calculating assurance parameters. (CAS -> ASCE) communication On the other hand, the service uses the serviceMonit s method throwAlarm: throwAlarm (String AlarmName): Method used by the service when it detects a service alarm. The alarm is passed to the ASCE in an XML formatted string.
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Fashion Marketing
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A major driver for access development is the provision of connections to hundreds of millions of domestic premises and small businesses. Next-generation fiber solutions are replacing legacy access technologies used for this type of access. Traditionally, these access points have been served by restrictive legacy technologies, such as copper lines for voice communications, coax for video, and DSL for data. Some access implementations use electronics along the complete path to the edge premises, supporting layer 2 and layer 3 switching and using technologies derived from standard LAN technologies, such as 802.3ah, which provides for a specification of 100-Mbps full-duplex communications. Another popular approach uses Passive Optical Networking (PON) to avoid such electronic implementations. One of the largest PON-based projects is being undertaken in Japan, where it is being deployed to 30 million premises [14].
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Today, applications written for one graphics environment have to be redesigned before they can run under other environments. For example, visualization tools developed for desktop computers can rarely take advantage of the processing power of a cluster of graphics computers; conversely, visualization tools developed for clusters rarely function on desktop computers. Also, users cannot easily add their own video sources, compression modules, and/or network protocols to the systems, which are needed for high-bandwidth wide-area networks [3].
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