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In this section we use the C O RBA Persistent State Service (PSS) to review an example of a persistent state service and to show what server object designers need to do to achieve persistence in practice. PSS, which was adopted in August 1999, replaces the Persistent Object Service, which was one of the first C O R B Aservices. The Persistent Object Service was never fully implemented because it was both too ambitious and too loosely specified. Moreover, it was not properly integrated with the C O R B A Transaction Service and the Portable Object Adapter, both of which were defined at a later point. The PSS is used by designers of stateful C O R B A server objects to implement persistence. I mplementations of the PSS achieve persistence in various datastores, including files, relational databases and object databases. Example 10.2 shows a persistent implementation of the C O R B A Naming service, which we discussed in 8. The Naming service defines N a m i n g C o n t e x t objects, each of which manages different name bindings. Clients that use the Naming service obviouslyexpect the name bindings that theyregister to remain available even though the name server may be temporarily deactivated. Hence, the need arises for N a m i n g C o n t e x t server objects to store the name bindings persistently. The objects that implement the second interface of the Naming service and iterate over name bindings do not have to be considered here as they are transient. Example 10.2 suggests that persistence can be kept transparent for designers of client objects. The IDL interface N a m i n g C o n t e x t has no relationships with the storage home and storage type specifications.
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FIGURE 5.8 The relationship between cost-of-carry and duration.
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hile we were deeply involved with our study at RE/MAX, we ran a parallel analysis of what we believed to be the best HG/HI (highgrowth/high-impact) global company benchmarks. This chapter is a synopsis of the pertinent conclusions that we learned from our selected study of these six HG/HI benchmark companies: Wal-Mart, McDonald s, Nokia, BMW, Toyota, and Canon. HG/HIs are publicly traded, global brand companies that have had 30 years of consistent revenue and employee growth and that have not principally grown through acquisition. Our hunch was right; we found valuable insights that brought us beyond the conclusions that we reached in our analysis of RE/MAX.
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Although eCommerce opens up a new channel to customers, it is not particularly dif cult to t it into the traditional models of marketing. Indeed, marketing is a science, with a respectable body of theory and practice behind it, and, as technologists, we should try to understand it, not try to re-invent it. Nevertheless, traditional marketeers can be frightened or deceived by the new technology and one important task for the technologist should be to assist them in spotting new angles for existing concepts. This chapter looks at some of those issues.
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In particular, he believed that the only capitalists who would survive and whose businesses would grow were those who paid workers the minimum salaries necessary for the workers to survive. Thus, even as productivity and output rose rapidly, workers would endure permanent, grinding poverty out of which they d never be able to rise except by means of a violent overthrow of the capitalists an overthrow in which the workers would gain control over the factories. Marx argued that this violent overthrow would be facilitated by what he saw as an inevitable tendency toward concentration and monopoly. When only one monopoly firm in each industry existed, the workers would find it much easier to revolt and take over the system. With a century and a quarter of hindsight, we know that Marx was wrong in his economic thinking. In particular, workers wages do rise over time in fact, they rise on average as fast as technological innovation increases productivity levels. That s because capitalists compete over the limited supply of workers, and wages get bid up as quickly as productivity improvements allow one capitalist to bid higher wages to steal workers away from other capitalists. In addition, competition does not lead to each industry being dominated by a single monopoly firm, and even if that were inevitably true, governments would still have a strong interest in preventing that outcome. Instead, competition remains robust in most industries, and consequently delivers all the benefits of Adam Smith s invisible hand.
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The reason that your wired Ethernet interfaces just come up in many cases when you boot Fedora is that the network service is set to be on when the system enters the common boot run levels (run level 3 and 5). There is a set of underlying configuration files and scripts that make that happen and a few simple commands that let you control it.
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Example 10.4
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