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Properties for Quality of Service Definition
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In this example, the user name (nick) is set to JayJoe199x (you should choose your own). You should see a blue status bar at the bottom of the screen indicating that you are in Window 1, the status window. IRC commands are preceded with a / character. For example, to connect to the freenode server, type:
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The preceding command displays the first man page found for the find command. As you saw in the earlier example, some terms have multiple man pages. For example, there is a man page for the crontab command and one for the crontab files. Man pages are organized into sections, as shown in Table 1-3.
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For the reasons stated above, it is important to separate models of the development and maintenance of disorders, although the two overlap. Cognitive-behavioural (and other) models of the development of anorexia nervosa are usually multifactorial in nature (see Garner & Gar nkel, 1997). The origins of the disorder are likely to be related to numerous predisposing and precipitating factors including individual variables such as perfectionism (Dally & Gomez, 1979; Fairburn et al., 1999; Lilenfeld, 1998), environmental factors, and genetic factors (see Lilenfeld & Kaye, 1998). Issues such as adolescent con ict, family problems, a negative comment about shape and weight, the sense of failure and loss of control can all serve as precipitating factors (Beumont, George & Smart, 1976; Gar nkel & Garner, 1983; Gilbert, 1986).
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1. All school districts should have a comprehensive safe school plan that addresses violence prevention, intervention, and response (see Stephens, 1994). The plan should describe the procedures and personnel available to respond in the event that a crisis occurs, be developed by a school-community team, take into account the resources available to the district; and be consistent with federal, state, and local laws (Dwyer, Osher, & Warger, 1998). 2. As part of its safe school plan, districts should ensure student discipline policies and practices foster a positive school climate and minimize the likelihood of student alienation and mistrust. School rules and regulations must be a reasonable exercise of the power of school authorities, related to the purpose of maintaining order and discipline, and be enforced in a fair and nondiscriminatory manner. Policies should be clearly stated and publicized, must not violate the legal rights of pupils or their parents, and should be implemented in ways that are respectful of the rights and dignity of individual students (Jacob & Feinberg, 2002; Mulvey & Cauffman, 2001; Sales et al., 1999). 3. Every district should establish an incident reporting and tracking system to determine the nature and scope of crime and violence in their schools and monitor progress towards reducing crime (Rapp, Carrington, & Nicholson, 1992). Schools should implement policies that encourage staff and students to report incidents and concerns. The nature and scope of school crimes should be documented prior to the implementation of any safety measures that may compromise student freedoms. For example, if metal detectors are introduced, but challenged in court, the school must demonstrate that use of metal detectors is justified by state (school) interests compelling enough to override students privacy interests (e.g., a history of weapons incidents at school). 4. Districts should ensure adequate staff orientation to district violence prevention and response policies and procedures and provide on-going training for staff to improve violence prevention efforts through curricular and other interventions. Pulliam (1999) and Pitcher and Poland (1992) recommend that the violence prevention component of a safe school plan include training for administrators and staff on how to recognize and defuse potential violence. 5. The violence prevention component should include written policies that protect students from harassment and specifically harassment and hate crimes based on race, color, national origin, sex, disability, and sexual orientation. The policy should specify how students, staff, and parents can report concerns about harassment and identify the school personnel responsible for ensuring reasonable steps are taken to stop harassment and prevent future occurrences (see U.S. Department of Education & Bias Crimes Task Force of the National Association of Attorneys General, 1999). 6. The intervention component of the safe school plan should include written procedures for school personnel to follow if they suspect that a student is potentially dangerous to others, to self, or is a victim of abuse. Threats of violence and suicide should be taken seriously. When it is suspected a student is suicidal, the student should be seen by a mental health professional with training in assessment of suicide lethality. When a student makes threats to harm others, procedures should ensure that the student is seen for evaluation by professionals knowledgeable of threat assessment. District policies should state that students may be seen by the school
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Treating Couples across the Socioeconomic Spectrum
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Reaching the Limit: Determining What s Possible to Produce
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With declarative transaction demarcation (often called container-managed transaction demarcation), the EJB container is responsible for defining the boundaries of the transaction. Your code never invokes any method that explicitly starts a transaction, or commits or rolls back a transaction. The EJB container does all the necessary work for you. Just how does EJB accomplish the necessary tasks of demarcating your transactions The EJB container intercepts any client request that involves a transaction and automatically starts, manages, and ends the transaction. As you ve probably guessed, you tell the EJB container what to do by setting various parameters in the bean s deployment descriptor. The parameter you must set to direct the EJB container to participate in container-managed transaction demarcation is the transaction attribute. The next section describes this vitally important parameter, providing examples of deployment descriptors that inform the EJB container of the transaction attribute value.
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