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Reduce Inventory Levels by Upgrading Our Control Measures. Challenge: Action: Shift to a more effective system of inventory control. We have implemented a monthly review process, where we count inventory levels by cell. The process of cell review identifies usage by item, improving our planning. This monthly mandatory count is a key practice, saving our company thousands on shipping costs and rush charges applied by vendors to our own orders. For the next year, we have these goals: a full cellular manufacturing process in a pull system, with three-day lead times, and a 95% ontime ship rate with finished goods. Controller, high technology, 250 employees, Maryland.
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The fall in leptin levels associated with fasting is blunted in those with BN (Monteleone et al., 2000b). Additionally, although plasma leptin levels are positively correlated with BMI (Monteleone et al., 2000a), leptin levels are lower than those of healthy comparison women, even after adjusting for low BMI (Brewerton et al., 2000; Jimerson et al., 2000; Monteleone et al., 2000a) a nding that persists even after recovery (Jimerson et al., 2000). Duration of illness and severity of disorder are related to the reduced leptin levels in BN (Monteleone et al., 2000a). Among obese binge eaters, lower leptin levels are associated with greater dietary restraint (d Amore et al., 2001) and restraint might similarly contribute to low leptin levels in those vulnerable to BN. These data suggest that while the body fat sensing function of leptin is intact, there is a tendency for a lower leptin secretion per fat mass and thus a higher settling point for weight in BN. A degree of restrained eating may therefore be necessary to maintain a healthy low weight in these individuals. The impaired capacity for the leptin system to respond to acute changes in energy intake could contribute to maintenance of disordered eating in BN.
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Using the CORBA Externalization Service
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to see a document; who is going to be allowed to modify it Indeed, what do we mean by who We could mean a named person, or someone only identi ed by the role they play or the team they belong to. Increasingly, with Internet access, we need to consider the location of the user as an issue for access control. (Do we restrict access to known IP addresses Do we provide password protected mobile access ) We also need to give some attention to what the user is going to see, when they accesses the repository. Documents will exist in many forms: spread-sheets, eMails, diagrams, reports, etc. and some will exist as modular sections which can be put together in many ways, to form a training guide, a user or repair manual, a sales booklet. We need to provide a series of views of the contents of the repository that meets the needs of the user and also allows for searching and browsing. Finally, we have to recognise that it is no longer sensible to think of there being a single, centralised, physical repository for all data, within many organisations. Instead, distributed satellite databases and proxy servers will hold local replications of parts or all of the data. They will need to be synchronised. Groupware products that achieve robust solutions to these requirements have been available for some time, with IBM s (previously, Lotus) Notes being the dominant example [58]. Notes allows all the features described above and includes a security system based on public key encryption for authentication, access control and digital signatures. Two-way authentication is involved where clients and servers both have to prove their identity before dialogue can begin. Documents are uniquely identi ed by the database on which they reside and by a number within this database. They are also time-stamped with information on the last changes. There are complex mechanisms that ensure synchronisation of data is eventually achieved across all servers. Notes were developed before the full signi cance of the Internet was yet realised, but it has since been enhanced with the development of Domino, to t into the Internet environment. It is still seen, however, by some Internet a cionados as a data-base oriented approach, perhaps even over-designed [59]. One of the architectural issues arising from the Internet model, is the extent to which replication of data is really required. An extreme view is that is not necessary at all: there is no need to track within the groupware software, the version control of documents; instead, all that is required is to maintain a list of URLs where the versions can be found. Groupware solutions that have emerged in recent years do not all support this strong view, but do tend to have a lighter-weight approach to version control than that of the traditionalists. For a more detailed review, see [60]. Finally, notice that we have not said anything about nding relevant information within this potentially huge collection of corporate data. This in itself is a big issue and is the subject of Part 2, Managing eBusiness Knowledge.
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Differential diagnosis includes Paget s disease, melanoma, leukoplakia, basal cell or squamous cell carcinoma, condyloma acuminata, hidradenitis suppurativa, psoriasis, fungal infection, seborrheic or contact dermatitis, and lichen sclerosis. A biopsy is obtained and is reported to demonstrate extramammary Paget s, disease.
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Nonparametric tests tend to reject less null hypotheses than the related parametric tests and have lower sensitivity, which leads to an increased rate of false negative errors. They are more appropriate when the assumptions for parametric tests are not satis ed, as is often the case with microarray data (see Fig. 4.9). However, this does not imply that nonparametric tests will necessarily identify a smaller number of genes as differentially expressed than the parametric test, or that the sets of genes identi ed by one parametric test and one nonparametric test will necessarily be in a subset relationship. To illustrate the difference in results we used both ANOVA and the Kruskal Wallis test to identify differentially expressed genes in the acute leukemia data set. Out of 7129 genes, 1030 genes were identi ed as differentially expressed by both methods. In addition to that, 155 genes were identi ed only by ANOVA, while 210 genes were identi ed only by the Kruskal Wallis test. Advanced Statistical Models Recently, more sophisticated models and methods for the identi cation of differentially expressed genes have been proposed [26,27]. For example, when considering the factors of array (A), gene (G), and biological condition (T), a two-step mix-model [21] rst ts the variance of arrays, biological conditions, and interactions between arrays and biological conditions using one model, and then uses the residues from tting the rst model to t the second model. An overview of mix-model methods is provided in the work by Wol nger et al. [28]. Other advanced statistical approaches with demonstrated good results in identifying differentially expressed genes include the signi cance analysis of microarray (SAM) [29], regression model approaches [30], empirical Bayes analysis [31], and the bootstrap approach to gene selection (see the case study below).
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These funds invest equally in long and short equity positions, and generally in the same sectors of the market. Market risk may be greatly reduced, but effective stock analysis and stock picking can be essential to obtaining meaningful results. Leverage may be used to enhance returns, and there is usually low or no correlation to the market.
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Fig. 2.3 Arteries supplying the brain.
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