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2: Installing Fedora and Adding Software
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Many phase 21 work items were supplementary services in the ISDN meaning of the term, and thus fell to SMG3. The adaptation to GSM of services offered with wireline ISDN was more and more dif cult, because the easy one were done rst. Some services such as Call Completion on Busy Subscribers (CCBS) proved to be tricky to combine with mobility.
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*The lower the number of total points, the higher the HG/HI score.
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But the equation is normally rearranged to put the exports and imports next to each other like this: Y = C + I + G + EX IM (7)
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46 Ethics: The Heart of Health Care
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Germ cell tumors of the ovary (GCTs) are derived from primitive germ cells of the embryonic gonad and may be either benign or malignant. The benign germ cell tumor (mature teratoma or dermoid) is familiar to all gynecologists and may be managed by ovarian cystectomy in nearly all cases. This chapter will discuss the malignant germ cell tumors, which are discovered in young women. While these tumors are highly malignant, proper management will usually result in long-term survival as well as preservation of fertility. Success in treating malignant GCTs has resulted from knowledge gained in the treatment of the male (testicular) form of the disease (seminoma and other testicular malignancies), and collaborative clinical trials by groups both inside (Gynecologic Oncology Group) and outside gynecology (Pediatric Oncology Group/Children s Oncology Group). Ovarian germ cell tumors comprise about 20% to 25% of ovarian neoplasms, but only 3% of these are malignant. The malignant germ cell tumors are
A hybrid method described by Leake et al. [3] for case adaptation uses a combination of rule- and case-based reasoning. When a new problem case is encountered by the CBR system, the most similar case(s) are retrieved. The adaptation process begins with a small set of abstract transformation rules (see Section 4.2.3). The system then searches the case library and nds the information needed to operationalize (i.e., ring the rules) the transformation rule and apply it to the problems at hand. The system improves its adaptation capability by case-based reasoning applied to the case adaptation process itself: A trace of the problem-solving steps of a proposed solution is stored and reused when similar problems arise in the future. If the new solution is still not acceptable after using both rules and cases, users can perform a speci c/tailored adaptation through use of the system s user interface. The system consists of the following components for adaptation:  Rule-based (transformation rules) adaptation component. The system performs an adaptation by using adaptation rules, then applies it to the problems at hand. These rules are obtained by interviewing domain experts.  Case-based adaptation component. If no rules are suitable for use, the system tries to retrieve an adaptation case describing successful earlier adaptation of a similar problem. If the adaptation case is found, it is used for the adaptation; otherwise, the manual adaptation process is triggered.  Manual adaptation component. If rule- and case-based adaptations fail to generate an acceptable solution, the user can perform the adaptation manually through the system s user interface. After the adaptation is successful, the adapted solution and the problem-solving steps (i.e., adaptation case) are stored for future use. 4.3.3 Using an Adaptation Matrix
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