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Strategic Document 1. Business objectives 2. IT enablers 3. Business cases
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Before the Autonomy Test is outlined it is important to consider how the notions create and respect autonomy might be ranked in order to guide practical interventions.
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196 Ethics: The Heart of Health Care
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[80] The Web Services Business Process Execution Language (BPEL) Technical Committee, Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards, http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/wsbpel/charter.php. [81] Rajasekaran, J. Miller, K. Verma, and A. Sheth, Enhancing Web Services Description and Discovery to Facilitate Composition, International Workshop on Semantic Web Services and Web Process Composition, 2004 (Proceedings of SWSWPC 2004).
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FIGURE 2.8 Encapsulation of downstream user frames into GEM frames: (a) user frame matches GEM frame, (b) user frame longer than GEM frame, and (c) user frame shorter than GEM frame.
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Note that the energy associated with the reactive elements oscillates. Unlike the resistor, which continuously consumes energy, a reactive element does not consume energy. The reactive element stores energy and then returns it to the system in a cyclic fashion. Reactive power is power that remains in the circuit and is not consumed. Even though a net input of energy is not required to supply reactive power, there is an oscillating power requirement with an associated increased current requirement. Power systems must be designed to manage and deliver reactive power. Generators, transmission lines, and other grid devices must be able to manage additional current ows incurred by reactive demand. To distinguish reactive power from real power, the units associated with reactive power are commonly expressed as MVAR as opposed to MW (mega volt-ampere reactance vs. MW; recall that 1 VA = 1 W). One noteworthy point is the relation between the power and energy requirements of inductors and capacitors. Both the power and energy cycles of a capacitor are complementary to those of an inductor. Whenever the inductor is consuming energy the capacitor is delivering energy, and vice versa. Because of the complementary oscillations, with proper sizing a capacitor can deliver the power requirement of the reactive demand of an inductor. Another point of note is that the magnitude of the reactive energy oscillations is extremely small. Because of the fast cycling of the alternating current, there is little time for reactive elements to store energy before they release it. Although energy requirements are insigni cant, power requirements and current oscillations of reactive elements are not insigni cant.
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