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Example 7.8 implements Example 7.7 using Java/RMI, but the idea can be applied in other object-oriented middleware systems in the same way. The Java implementation of tuple spaces is simplified due to the availability of s y n c h r o n i z e d methods that guarantee mutual exclusion. The mutual exclusion of tuple space operations can, however, also be implemented in C or C using operating system semaphores. The disadvantage of this solution is that different thread classes need to be defined for each object request. Moreover, there is a performance penalty as the creation and termination of threads can be time-consuming. This may be avoided if threads are re-used and not allowed to die after the synchronous request has been performed. However, the programming overhead remains. This overhead is avoided in the C O RBA-specific solution that we discuss next.
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Between HQ and suppliers Sales and sales forecasts Stock Product price and availability Between HQ and outlets (including eCommerce operations) Delivery and price information Shelf space Promotions
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speaker. It would feature a small screen for display of text and pictures, a miniature camera, and an antenna for communications with wireless networks in the surrounding area. This small hand-held device would use mobile software that can change functions whenever there is an available software upgrade to provide a new capability. The device can act as a high speed node on a network when the user enters an of ce or as a slower node when the user is away from areas of high quality connectivity. As the user moves about with the hand-held device, and when it cannot nd a computer network nearby, the device would shift its function into that of a cellular phone, enabling it to maintain its connection through an alternative wireless network. The hand-held device is diversi ed in function, as it can be a two-way radio when necessary to talk to other hand-held devices, or it can turn itself into an AM/FM radio or even a television with the right software downloaded. The hand-held device takes a major step beyond the devices available today high powered smart cell phones that access the Web. The hand-held device can implement a diversi ed array of functions with the right software to ensure mobility, functionality, and exibility. Today s chips process signals the way city traf c ow systems process cars. Each signal checks at every intersection to see whether it should turn right or left to get to its destination. In the Oxygen hand-held device, software will logically rearrange the internal circuitry so that each signal knows ahead of time all the turns it must make to allow it to zip through its path without having to slow down. Hand-held devices can accept speech and visual input and recon gure themselves. For example, when a user uses an anonymous hand-held device, it could customize itself to the user s preferences. The hand-held device couples with a wireless network or other nearby hand-held devices. Hand-held devices utilize the same hardware components as the embedded devices in the Oxygen system, but differ in connections to the physical world, computational power, and software. Like the hand-held device, the Oxygen embedded devices would be built with special purpose chips and be connected via wireless networks. Embedded devices would accept power-hungry computations from hand-held devices and process them, removing the computational burden from the smaller, mobile hand-held devices. In the home, embedded devices would be connected to heaters, air-conditioning units, telephones, lights, and other appliances and devices. Wall-mounted, touch-sensitive displays with microphones, speakers, and cameras would be connected to embedded devices for system human interaction. Oxygen s embedded or stationary devices would be embedded in of ces, buildings, homes, transit paths, and vehicles to create continuity in intelligent spaces. Embedded devices include interfaces to camera and microphone arrays, and users would be able to communicate to embedded devices using speech.
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C.3.5.4 Geocentric Latitude For points on the geoid surface, the tangent of geocentric latitude is the ratio of distance above ( ) or below ( ) the equator [z b sin fparametric ] to the distance from the polar axis [(xmeridional a cos fparametric ], or
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Figure 13.1. Example of the visualization of the round-trip delay (shaded) and achievable TCP bandwidth observed with different methodologies. Top plot: SLAC to Caltech rtt 12 ms; lower plot: SLAC to CERN rtt 170 ms.
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Censored data histogram for state 1 2 for the hydraulic pump model of Figure 4.9.
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Table 2-1: Example browser add-ons (continued)
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