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Undirected graphs are not necessarily trees: there can be more than one path connecting two nodes. At first sight it may seem to be possible to apply the same method as for trees if a graph is multiply connected. However, such situations can be harmful, because evidence can travel on more than one route from one node to another, namely if more than one path is active given the set of instantiated attributes. Since probabilistic update is not idempotent that is, incorporating the same evidence twice may invalidate the result cycles must be avoided or dealt with in special ways. Possibilistic evidence propagation is less sensitive to such situations, because the possibilistic update operation is idempotent (it does not matter how many times a degree of possibility is restricted to the same upper bound by the minimum operation) and thus the same evidence can be incorporated several times without invalidating the result. Nevertheless it is beneficial to avoid multiply connected graphs in possibilistic reasoning, because situations can arise where a cycle must be traversed many times to reach the reasoning result [Kruse et al. 1994]. Hence in possibilistic reasoning it is merely desirable to avoid cycles for reasons of efficiency, whereas in probabilistic reasoning they must be avoided in order to ensure the correctness of the inference results. Multiply connected networks can be handled in several ways. One method is to temporarily fix selected unobserved attributes in order to cut open all cycles, so that the normal tree propagation algorithm can be applied. The available evidence is then propagated for each combination of values of the fixed attributes and the respective results are averaged, weighted with the probabilities of the value combinations [Pearl 1988]. This procedure can also be seen as introducing artificial evidence to make the propagation feasible and then to remove it again (by computing the weighted sum).
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and 0 otherwise. The marginal density for is then the posterior that we seek, ( |D): ( |D) =
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In particular, A u d i t P o l i c y allows administrators to determine the channel that is used for logging security event occurrences. A u d i t P o l i c y further defines operation s e t _ a u d i t _ s e l e c t o r s , which can be used to determine the types of events for which an entry should be written into the audit channel. For example, by passing a list including event types A u d i t P r i n c i p a l A u t h and A u d i t S e s s i o n A u t h only authentication events will be logged. Finally, the s e l e c t o r s parameter allows administrators to determine which auditing information is to be written for each event.
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The use of CAT in the above therapy helped both the patient and the therapist to understand the nature of Susie s anorexia, and to nd ways for Susie to deal with her dif culties other than anorexia. The control issues were managed between the therapist and the patient by working with the re-enactment of the procedures rather than simply focusing on weight gain or loss. The reformulation letter helped to establish a good therapeutic alliance where control was the main issue rather than anorexia.
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central concern of this book is the description of planning activities to ensure the balancing of generation supply and electricity demand in daily operations. To understand the process one must rst be able to quantify demand and supply requirements. Additionally, knowledge of electricity demand characteristics and generation technologies provides a better understanding of planning activities. This chapter provides the fundamental information that underlies planning processes. Section 2.1 provides a basis for measuring energy requirements as well as converting requirements across different units of measurement. Section 2.2 presents the factors that in uence demand. Section 2.3 presents the generation technologies that are most commonly used to provide electricity. code 39 generator source
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