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rates without any increase or change in the structural conditions that motivate individuals to engage in crime (Cohen and Felson, 1979, p. 589). This theory does not so much ignore the disposition of an individual to commit crime, as take the existence of criminal inclination for granted. For example, the recent increase in mobile telephone theft in the UK is regarded as being due to the number of users displaying their telephones in public places, together with the absence of safety features. It follows from the assumptions made by RAT, that crime can increase without there necessarily being an increase in the numbers of criminals. Fluctuations in the overall crime rate can be due to an increase of suitable targets, or a decrease in suitable guardians, without any increase in criminal motivation. The level of explanation for routine activity theory is thus at the societal level in that predictions about general trends in crime rates can be made from the three basic assumptions about the way in which the legal activities of everyday life provide an opportunity structure for criminal activities. In this way, RAT differs from the third major opportunity theory, the rational choice perspective, in which the individual considerations of criminals are examined in relation to the speci c opportunities for crime that are acted upon.
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When a project goes wrong, you might feel like hiding out and nursing your pain in private. But social support can help you get through difficult times. Both your on and offline friends can provide perspective on what happened, reframing it for you and helping you see what to do next. They can share the times that they had similar difficulties and tell you how they got through it. They can make you laugh and forget your woes. How do you let online contacts know what s going on without shaming yourself and without revealing private information about you or people you ve worked with You can share that something s gone wrong without telling all the details. You can limit the number of people you share it with, by sharing in relatively more private channels: instant messaging rather than a wide-open blog for instance. Also, think about how you re helping other people by sharing your mistakes and failures. The web opens up a window on our very human work lives. You might provide inspiration or comfort to someone else who s going through similar trials. Also, you ll have a better chance of professional recovery because people will respect your candor and willingness to learn from your mistakes.
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this book will give you many specif ic suggestions on how to accomplish this. HOW THE DOWN PAYMENT AFFECTS HOW MUCH HOME YOU CAN AFFORD There are two important ways a down payment can affect how much home you can afford to buy. The f irst and more obvious is that if a certain percentage is required, the amount of down payment you can come up with will determine exactly how expensive a home you can buy. The following chart illustrates this:
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Has the electrical meter been removed from the property (
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From Level 4 to Level 5
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Cooperating Embedded Systems and Wireless Sensor Networks
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The problem of identifying uniquely scienti c knowledge has occupied countless volumes in the philosophy of science. Of the sundry philosophical choices the Supreme Court could have made, it chose the criterion of falsi ability, which is most closely associated with Sir Karl Popper. Although the Court cited Popper in only a passing reference, it chose as its rst factor his falsi ability criterion for distinguishing scienti c from non-scienti c and, especially, pseudoscienti c statements. In short, the criterion of falsi ability provides that a statement or theory is . . . falsi able if and only if there exists at least one potential falsi er at least one possible basic statement that con icts with it logically (Popper, 1983, p. xx). As the Court quoted Popper, the criterion of the scienti c status of a theory is its falsi ability, or reputability, or testability (Daubert, 1993, p. 593). The hallmark of scienti c statements is that they are vulnerable to refutation. Contrary to Popper s original formulation of falsi ability, the Court selected this factor as one of four possible indices of validity. For Popper, however, falsi ability was the criterion of scienti c status. In fact, courts will nd application of Daubert dif cult if they treat testability as an optional factor. The other three factors all presuppose testability; in science, a non-testable hypothesis cannot have an error rate and is exceedingly unlikely to be published in a peer-reviewed journal and achieve general acceptance. And indeed, since Daubert, courts generally appear to treat testability as a prerequisite rather than just another factor. In practice, therefore, the Daubert testability criterion is entirely consistent with Popper s philosophy. The concept of falsi ability is separate from the question of when a scienti c theory has been corroborated or falsi ed by observations. The status of a statement as scienti c depends on its amenability to test; the merit of a scienti c statement depends on the degree to which it has survived attempts at falsi cation. Both the status and the merit of purportedly scienti c statements are subjects to be assessed by judges (Faigman, 1989). Not all empirical tests of a theory are equally valuable. Research methods vary considerably, and some tests amount to no test at all. Judges, therefore, must develop suf cient scienti c literacy to recognize research designed to truly test a hypothesis as compared to research designed merely to supply impressive looking graphs and imposing numbers to a researcher s theory. In other words, judges (and lawyers) must be able to distinguish the methods of science from those methods that merely imitate science.
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Property element (any XML tag) <namespace: propertyname> <rdf:Seq> <rdf:Bag> <rdf:Alt> <rdf:li>
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>>> t = (1, 2, "foo") >>> print t (1, 2, foo ) >>>
Adopt coinsurance-based coverage for office visits, 20% even within a managed care network 1% Introduce a select or narrow network that only covers care provided 5% by the most cost-efficient physicians 1% Introduce a multitier network that provides access to all physicians with 5% lower employee cost sharing for more cost-efficient physicians
A sampling of inertial sensor technologies used in inertial navigation is presented in Table 6.2. There are many more, but these will serve to illustrate the great diversity of technologies applied to inertial navigation. How these and other example devices function will be explained brie y. A more thorough treatment of inertial sensor designs is given in [118].
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