You can change the output of diff to what is known as unified format. Unified format can be easier to read by human beings. It adds three lines of context before and after each block of changed lines that it reports, and then uses + and - to show the difference between the files. The following set of commands creates a file (f1.txt) containing a sequence of numbers (1 7), creates a file (f2.txt) with one of those numbers changed (using sed), and compares the two files using the diff command:
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Basic Elements
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Cost Reduction and Control Best Practices
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$ chattr +A -R /home/francois/images/* $ chattr +d FC6-livecd.iso $ lsattr /boot/grub/grub.conf /home/francois/images/* FC6-livecd.iso ----i-------- /boot/grub/grub.conf -------A----- /home/francois/images/einstein.jpg -------A----- /home/francois/images/goth.jpg ------d------ FC6-livecd.iso
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Cost Reduction and Control Best Practices
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The strongest base in water is OH . For bases that are much stronger than OH , the reactions in Eqs (3.5) or (3.6) proceed completely to the right and form OH . These bases are called strong bases; their base strengths are equivalent to that of OH and cannot be differentiated. For bases that are weaker than OH , the reactions in Eqs (3.5) or (3.6) proceed only partially to the right. These bases are called weak bases; their base strengths are compared by the values of the base dissociation constant Kb:
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changing a con guration parameter in the local network device, setting up a lter to block certain traf c, changing QoS priorities, etc. Examples for global actions may include setting up an IP tunnel or changing an OSPF characteristic in an entire region. While needed for the ef cient delivery of CASs, allowing code to perform such action in the network layer presents a serious security risk that must be addressed. Apart from the possibility of malicious code taking over the network, there is also the risk of bugs that may cause the network to malfunction. The problem is more severe when we consider network-level operations where the action needs to be performed simultaneously in more than one location and it needed to be atomic, that is, if it fails in one location it should not be performed in any of the other locations. Again, a very good way to realize such ability is via a mediator. Such a mediator can abstract the action from the service logic, and can also deal with the security and safety issues in a uni ed way. Moreover, it can also handle network-level actions and their atomicity by monitoring the status and rolling back the operation when needed. The Action Mediator realizes all the above by providing an associated API to the SLOs. These APIs provide a uniform way to perform an action at the local network level and at the network level. It is important to note that an ef cient implementation of network-level action mediator is by using programmable network techniques (as described in the next chapter). In this way a mediator exists in each relevant network node and performing global action is done by communication among these mediators, where each one is in charge of the actions in the local device. Such an implementation is described in 7, where the Action Mediator is one of the brokers in the DINA system called the Action Broker.
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Voltammetry is a term used to include all the methods that measure current-potential curves (voltammograms) at small indicator electrodes other than the DME [6]. There are various types of voltammetric indicator electrodes, but disk electrodes, as in Fig. 5.17, are popular. The materials used for disk electrodes are platinum, gold, graphite, glassy carbon (GC), boron-doped diamond 8), carbon paste, etc. and they can be modified in various ways. For electrode materials other than mercury, the potential windows are much wider on the positive side than for mercury. However, electrodes of stationary mercury-drop, mercury-film, and mercury-pool are also
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Direct Method The limiting molar conductivity of an electrolyte KI and the limiting transference numbers of the ions constituting the electrolyte tI ; tI are determined ex perimentally, and KI is divided into kI and kI . This method is direct and does not include any assumptions. If the transference numbers can be obtained accurately, this method is the most reliable. Detailed literature is available on methods of obtaining the limiting transference numbers [1 5, 32].
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