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The spread of the agent-centric culture at RE/MAX has reaped rewards on the local and global levels. RE/MAX balloons can be seen on billboards, bus stop benches, radio and TV commercials, brochures, mailers, and For Sale sign after For Sale sign in windows and on front lawns around the world. The intensity of brand awareness locally has created an interesting phenomenon: RE/MAX offices often get calls on listings that customers mistakenly swear are under RE/MAX signs. RE/MAX agents in established markets obviously benefit from this power of perception, and new regions have a leg up on the pioneers of 30 years ago. Opening a new franchise in Italy, Botswana, or Portugal, brokers find that the RE/MAX balloon has already made an impression. Mark Wolfe tells the story of speaking to an assembly hall of 100 first-grade students in Texas and explaining his duties as part-time mayor of the town. The children, naturally, asked him what he did with the rest of his time; so he mentioned RE/MAX. Suddenly, they were engaged and animated. The balloon! The balloon! Market penetration and size have also created tremendous momentum for agents in terms of referrals. Unlike other industry leaders, RE/MAX International does not take a cut from the vast number of referrals it distributes to its network of agents. Considering the potential revenue involved, this seems a noteworthy demonstration of the everybody wins principle in action. The investment in Internet and satellite television technology for training and development purposes follows a similar line. RE/MAX was the first and is still the only global real estate network with in-house satellite capability and programming. Why would an organization tap its own capital to such a degree by providing a high-level service We think that the technological advantages are enormous, but that only explains half the story. The primary motivation is consistent with Dave Liniger s early emphasis on constant upgrading and improvement of agent quality. Give people what they need, and you will get what you want in return.
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Figure 25 Both everyday and technical ethics should be applied to the whole iceberg
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Palate Larynx Pharynx Tongue
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Financial Modelling in Python
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Cooperating Embedded Systems and Wireless Sensor Networks
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Getting a Training Budget Approved
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