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keeping (see EP 6.02). Psychologists also should ensure that no one can recover confidential information from old or failed computers (or other hardware) after their disposal (McMinn, Buchanan, Ellens, & Ryan, 1999; also see Pfohl & Pfohl, 2002). School psychologists need to ensure that student/client records are not transmitted electronically without a guarantee of privacy. In line with this principle, a receiving fax machine must be in a secure location and operated by employees cleared to work with confidential files, and e-mail messages must be encrypted or else stripped of all information that identifies the student/client (NASP-PPE, IV, E, #6). McMinn et al. (1999) also caution practitioners to consider whether messages left for the psychologist on answering machines and in voice mail boxes are secure from unauthorized access. Computerized storage makes it possible to keep on file large amounts of information about individuals that may or may not be needed in the provision of services. As Zachary and Pope (1984) have suggested, the indiscriminate gathering and storage of nonessential personal information is an unnecessary invasion of privacy (also EP 4.04).
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of doing these things with single-mode ber, whose diameter is only 8 mm, about one-sixth that of a human hair. Recently, large mode eld diameter SMF has been developed that spreads the eld strength more evenly across the core in order to minimize the maximum eld strength anywhere. This is done not for ease of handling but to mitigate the nonlinear effects that we shall discuss in Sections 3.2.3 through 3.2.5. Today there is still a great deal of multimode ber around, particularly within user premises, partly because for a long time it was so much cheaper to manufacture than single mode. This is no longer true since huge economies of scale and improvements in single-mode manufacturing methodologies have occurred, as have easier ways of splicing and connectorizing single-mode ber, even bundles or ribbons. Today, MMF actually costs more than SMF because of the high cost of germaniam with which the cores are doped. Still, there are many low-bit-rate short-distance applications, for example, within the backplane of a computer or a piece of telephone equipment, where ease of ber handling is paramount, and multimode still nds many such applications. Recently, signi cant multimode ber cost reductions have been possible using plastic ber over short distances, for example, within a single automobile, boat, or aircraft, where distances are so short that the much higher bulk material attenuation of plastic compared to glass is of little concern. For most single-mode ber great pains are taken to see that all the light energy is con ned to the core as the HE11 mode, as was shown in Figure 3.3. However, there are circumstances in which it is desired to send some of the light out into the cladding, notably, with couplers and splitters, as will be discussed in Section 3.4. All that is required to do this is to narrow the ber core even thinner than the normal 8 mm. The ber is still single moded, but much of the energy is squeezed out into evanescent propagation outside the core and can transport no energy because the E- eld and the H- eld are 908 out of phase. However, in Section 3.4 we shall see that
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The biology of ovarian GCT, like testicular cancer, is thought to originate from defective meiosis leading to the activation of multiple pathways involved in gametogenesis and ultimately, resulting in the development of the unique phenotypes seen in GCT. Genetic instability may result from a defective switch from mitosis to meiosis and in essence, renders cells that are able to express functions and structures unique to both states.8 Surti and colleagues found that 65% of teratomas are derived from a single germ cell after meiosis I and failure of meiosis II. Approximately 35% of teratomas arise from failure of meiosis I or mitotic division of premeiotic germ cells.9 Karyotypic abnormalities are common and include chromosome abnormalities. The short arm of chromosome 12 (12p) has been implicated in both ovarian and testicular GCT, suggesting that this region plays an important role in the neoplastic transformation of these tumors.10, 11 PTEN is a tumor suppressor gene that is altered in endometrioid adenocarcinoma of the uterus and has been shown to be absent in 86% of embryonal carcinomas and virtually all teratomas.12, 13
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Since the probability Fe that a patent will be found unenforceable is only 12%, this probability vanishes very rapidly as the number of patents increases. In a portfolio of just two patents, this probability is only 1.4%. With respect to infringement, it is sufficient to prove that any one of the patents in the portfolio (even a single claim) is infringed to establish liability. Therefore, to avoid liability for infringement, the defendant would need to successfully defend against each asserted patent (strictly speaking, each asserted claim). Thus, the probability of noninfringement is the product of noninfringement probabilities for each individual patent:
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Audit Commission (1997) Higher Purchase; Commissioning Specialised Services in the NHS. London: Audit Commission. Baran, S.A., Weltzin, T.E. & Kaye, W.H. (1995) Low discharge weight and outcome in anorexia nervosa. Am. J. Psychiat., 152, 1070 1072. Berkman, J.M. (1930) Anorexia nervosa, anorexia, inanition and low metabolic rate. Am. J. Med. Sci., 180, 411. Bhanji, S. & Mattingly, D. (1988) Medical Aspects of Anorexia Nervosa. London: Wright. Birmingham, C.L., Goldner, E.M. & Bakan, R (1994) Controlled trial of zinc supplementation in anorexia nervosa. Int. J. Eat. Disord., 15, 251 255. Bruch, H. (1970) Instinct and interpersonal experience. Compr. Psychiat., 11, 495 506. Carney, C.P. & Andersen, A.E. (1996) Eating disorders: Guide to medical evaluation and complications. Psychiat. Clin. N. Am., 19, 657 679. Casper, R.C., Kirschner, B., Sandstead, H.H., Jacob, R.A. & Davis, J.M. (1980) An evaluation of trace metals, vitamins and taste function in anorexia nervosa. Am. J. Clin. Nutrit., 33, 1801 1808. Charcot, J.M. (1889) Diseases of the Nervous System. London: New Sydenham Society. Corcos, M., Guilbaud, O., Speranza, M., Paterniti, S., Loas, G., Stephan, P. & Jeammet, P. (2000) Alexithymia and depression in eating disorders. Psychiat. Res., 10 (93), 263 266. Crisp, A.H., Callender, J.S., Halek, C. & Hsu, L.K.G. (1992) Long-term mortality in anorexia nervosa: A twenty-year follow-up of the St. George s and Aberdeen cohorts. Br. J. Psychiat., 161, 104 107. Crisp, A.H., Norton, K.R.W., Gower, S., Halek, C., Bowyer, C., Yeldham, D., Levett, G. & Bhat, A. (1991) A controlled study of the effect of therapies aimed at adolescent and family psychopathology in anorexia nervosa. Br. J. Psychiat., 159, 325 333. Crisp, A.H., Norton, K.R.W., Jurczak, S., Bowyer, C. & Duncan, S. (1985) A treatment approach to anorexia nervosa 25 years on. J. Psychiat. Res., 19, 399 404. Dally, P.J. & Sargant, W. (1960) Treatment and outcome of anorexia nervosa. Br. Med. J., 2, 793. Dare, C., Eisler, I., Russell, G.F.M. & Szmukler, G.I. (1990) Family therapy for anorexia nervosa: Implications from the results of a controlled trial of family and individual therapy. J. Marital Family Ther., 16, 39 57. Dare, C., Eisler, I., Russell, G., Treasure, J. & Dodge, L. (2001) Psychological therapies for adults with anorexia nervosa: Randomised controlled trial of out-patient treatments. Br. J. Psychiat., 178, 216 221. Eckert, E.D., Goldberg, S.C., Halmi, K.A., Casper, R.C. & Davis, J.M. (1979) Behaviour therapy in anorexia nervosa. Br. J. Psychiat., 134, 55 59. Eisler, I., Dare, C., Russell, G.F.M., Szmukler, G.I., le Grange, D. & Dodge, E. (1997) Family and individual therapy in anorexia nervosa: A 5 year follow-up. Arch. Gen. Psychiat., 54, 1025 1030. Eisler, I., Dare, C., Hodes, M., Russell, G., Dodge, E. & le Grange, D. (2000) Family therapy for adolescent anorexia nervosa: The resuts of a controlled comparison of two family interventions. J. Child Psychol. Psychiat., 41, 727 736. Ferguson, C.P., La Via, M.C., Crossan, P.J. & Kaye, W.H. (1999) Are serotonin reuptake inhibitors effective in underweight anorexia nervosa Int. J. Eat. Disord., 25, 11 17. Fisher, M., Simpser, E. & Schneider, M. (2000) Hypophosphatemia secondary to oral refeeding in anorexia nervosa. Int. J. Eat. Disord., 28, 181 187. Gar nkel, P.E., Kline, S.A. & Stancer, H.C. (1973) Treatment of anorexia nervosa using operant conditioning techniques. J. Nervous Mental Disord., 157, 428 433. George, L. (1997) The psychological characteristics of patients suffering from anorexia nervosa and the nurse s role in creating a therapeutic relationship. J. Adv. Nursing, 26, 899 908. Goldner, E.M., Birmingham, C.L. & Smye, V. (1997) Addressing treatment refusal in anorexia nervosa: Clinical, ethical, and legal considerations. In D. Garner & P. Gar nkel (Eds), Handbook of Treatment for Eating Disorders (2nd edn; pp. 450 461). New York: Guilford Press. Gottdiener, J.S., Gross, H.A., Henry, W.L., Borer, J.S. & Ebert, M.H. (1978) Effects of self-induced starvation on cardiac size and function in anorexia nervosa. Circulation, 58, 425 433. Gowers, S.G., Weetman, J., Shore, A. et al. (2000) Impact of hospitalisation on the outcome of adolescent anorexia nervosa. Br. J. Psychiat., 176, 138 141.
1) An alternative to the potential-step method is 2) The current i(t) that flows at time t due to
FORM 11.9 Sample Bathroom Inspection Checklist
up a larger cash reserve that it can use for making strategic acquisitions, and shareholders might especially welcome such an event. When a bankruptcy or distressed or default situation does arise, it is imperative to know exactly where an investor stands in regard to collecting all or a portion of what the issuer originally had promised to pay. As stated, bondholders stand in line ahead of equity holders. However, there are various classifications of bondholders and shareholders, and there are materially different priorities as to how these categories are rated and treated. 3 delves into the nuances of what these classifications mean. Figure 1.1 presents a continuum of investment products that depicts investor rankings in an event of default. Table 1.1 summarizes this section on bonds and equities. These characteristics are explored further in later chapters, where it is shown that while these characteristics may hold true generally as meaningful ways to differentiate a bond from an equity, lines also can become blurred rather quickly.
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