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Comparisons of Video and Digital Imaging Systems Video Tube Newvicon video Hamamatsu 1010 1012 400 875/700 80 100 180 30 470 Video CCD Interline CCD Hamamatsu 1010 1013 400 950/550 100 300 80 30 600 Video ICCD Interline CCD Gen II intensifier Hamamatsu 107 1011 400 850/520 100 80 30 600 Digital CCD Cooled CCD KAF1400 chip Roper Scientific 106 1010 400 1100/700 4095 212 1.5 (max. at full frame) 1343
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Connecting Chips
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noncompetition agreements do not influence nondisclosure agreements, they are subject to certain practical considerations. Because they are so widely used, it is worthwhile to carefully explore and understand these limitations. Before accepting information in confidence, the prospective recipient should assure herself that the obligations of confidentiality and limited use, at a minimum, will not restrict her from using information already in her possession or information that may subsequently come into her possession from another source, free of any burdens. Obviously, such assurance is difficult, if not impossible to obtain, in part because the recipient often cannot ascertain in advance exactly what information will be disclosed, and also in part because the recipient often cannot ascertain exactly what information her firm already possesses. Moreover, lacking prescience, the intended recipient has no ability to foresee what information may come into her possession in the future or may be independently developed by her staff. Excepting certain information from the obligations imposed by the confidential disclosure agreement most commonly solves this problem. Although the precise language utilized may vary somewhat, these exceptions apply to information that is: In the public domain
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where p0 is an abbreviation for f(A1 = a1 , . . . , An = an ). Then we make the crucial (but naive) assumption that, given the value of the class attribute, any attribute Aj is independent of any other. That is, we assume that knowing the class is sufficient to determine the probability (density) for a value aj , and in particular, that we need not know the values of any other attributes. Of course, this is a fairly strong assumption, which is truly naive . However, it considerably simplifies the formula stated above, since with it we can cancel all attributes Ak appearing in the conditions. Thus we get P(C = ci | A1 = a1 , . . . , An = an ) = P(C = ci ) f(Aj = aj | C = ci ). p0 j=1
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Generator Transformer Condenser
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Exhibit 6.10
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Determining the Price of Utility for Beer
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Source: Middleton, 2000. Copyright Kluwer; Table 4 reprinted with kind permission from Kluwer Academic Publishers.
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Obstacle detection may be a scenario example of the CORTEX Car Control application. In order to avoid colliding with both obstacles on the road and other cars, it should be able to detect its position and the positions of other cars, and take action upon this information. If a car detects an obstacle ahead, it should rapidly apply an emergency stop and disseminate an emergency signal. Cars receiving an emergency stop signal from a car ahead should also apply an emergency stop themselves. The picturized scenario is given in Figure 2.7. System requirements Autonomy: as stated before, this scenario aims at searching for possible ways of providing traf c control without human intervention. Cars need to make autonomous decisions such as deciding when to brake or change the car speed. Decision-making takes place based on current and past context information. A control logic engine is necessary to ful ll such autonomous behavior. Cooperation: in order to avoid of human-based traf c control, some degree of cooperation between cars is required. Each car noti es other cars about the actions it takes by dissemination of events. The events are propagated to all cars in its proximity. Event dissemination should be as real-time as possible. For instance, a car suddenly slows down and the car is followed by many other cars. The
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class trade: def init (self, legs, exercise info=None):
Genetic Damage and the Molecular/Cellular Response to Pollution
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