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Transmission lines are necessary to carry power between generation sources and load centers. Below are several points that are relevant to grid operations. Current limitations and resistance. Transmission lines have operating temperature limitations. At high temperature a line sags and may hit ground, trees, or other objects. This must be avoided; indeed, there is a minimum clearance tolerance between transmission lines and surface objects. Another situation to be avoided is irreversible line stretch, also caused by increased temperature. Increased temperature in a line is due to line resistance, which in turn induces real power loss. The power loss is converted into heat, which raises the temperature of the transmission line. The real power loss is expressed as I2R, where I is the current and R is the resistance of the line. This demonstrates that thermal limitations on the line impose current carrying limitations. Inductance and current limitations. Transmission lines act as inductors. Indeed, under normal operating conditions, power oscillations due to inductance can be on the order of 10 times the power loss from resistance. High inductance creates higher current ows as the inductor contributes oscillatory reactive currents that add to the real current. This signi cantly impacts on the current limitations of a transmission line and other grid components. Inductance, reactive load, and voltage collapse. Because of transmission line inductance, a generator is incapable of providing reactive power to a distant
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Write out the key issues as they occur to you. Explain how Kathy might act in order to create the highest degree of morality, and offer the strongest defence of this policy that you can. Explain what you take higher degree of morality to mean in other words, spell out your current ethical commitment. How would you summarise Kathy s ethical commitment (her Ethics B see the Introduction to the Second Edition).
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The general arrangement of components in the scan head is shown in Figure 12-3. A computer converts the voltage fluctuations of the PMTs into digital signals for image display on the computer monitor. The optical principle of confocal microscopy is shown in Figure 12-4 and is described as follows: Epi-illumination is used, where the light source and detector are both on the same side of the specimen plane and separated from it by the objective lens, which functions as both a condenser and objective. The components of fluorescence filter sets (exciter filter, dichroic filter, emission filter) perform the same functions as they do in wide-field fluorescence microscopy. A laser beam is expanded to fill the back aperture of the objective and forms an intense diffraction-limited spot that is scanned from side to side and from top to bottom over the specimen in a pattern called a raster. This procedure is called point scanning. The heart of confocal optics is the pinhole aperture, which accepts fluorescent photons from the illuminated focused spot in the raster, but largely excludes fluorescence signals from objects above and below the focal plane, which, being out of focus, are focused on the pinhole as disks of much larger diameter. Because the size of the disk of an out-of-focus object is spread out over such a large area, only a fraction of light from out-of-focus objects passes through the pinhole. The pinhole also eliminates much of the stray light in the optical system. Examine Figure 12-4 carefully to see how the pinhole blocks out-of-focal-plane signals. The combination of point scanning and the use of a pinhole as a spatial filter at the conjugate image plane are essential for producing the confocal image. Fluorescent wavelengths emanating from an excited point in the specimen at any time t are collected by the same objective and focused as a small diffraction spot
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VA3 1 0.9 0.8 0.7 Throughput 0.6 0.5 0.4 0.3 0.2 0.1 0 -30 10 ms TTI, 32 kbps 2 ms TTI, 160 kbps
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Department of Psychology, London Metropolitan University, London, UK
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stable because low-paying domestic positions, such as babysitter or household worker, have remained plentiful. From a woman s perspective, this gender difference in economic viability renders the available pool of African American men unattractive as marriage partners. Other factors contributing to the low numbers of marriageable men are the high rates of incarceration and death among young African American men. Without an adequate education, many African American men have few employment choices. Many ultimately become involved in the alternative economy of drugs or gambling. This involvement leads to early death and imprisonment. Few men can navigate this system successfully. Thus, the ratio of desirable men to women gives African American men a decided advantage. The operational sex ratio (OSR) influences the bargaining position of each sex, and thus the mating (marriage) market (Marlowe, 2002). With many attractive women to choose from, many men refuse to make the long-term commitment of marriage, preferring serial cohabitation. Within relationships, this unfavorable ratio provides men with a significant degree of power, because both partners know that if he is dissatisfied, he has many available alternatives, whereas she has few. CA SE ST U DY Linda and Lance are an example of how these socioeconomic forces play out in the context of personal relationships. Linda had been in two long-term relationships before meeting Lance. Her first partner left her for another woman when their son was two months old. She was rescued by Richard, who married her and accepted responsibility for her son. Richard and Linda had a tumultuous marriage of 12 years. Richard was frequently unemployed, used cocaine, was involved with other women, and was abusive to Linda. During these years, they had two daughters. Throughout this period, Linda worked continuously as a bank teller, went to community college at night, and managed the household and the children. For several years, her mother lived with them, providing some measure of childcare, although she abused alcohol and suffered from serious depressive episodes. When her second child was 3, Linda came into therapy, feeling depressed and discouraged about her marriage. Richard came to one session, but refused further treatment. Over the course of several years, Linda came sporadically to therapy. She worked on her relationship with her father, her mother, and many of her siblings and stepsiblings. She made a great deal of progress improving her relationships with family members, entered college, and completed her associate s degree. However, although she complained about her marriage, she was unsuccessful in either improving it or leaving it. She would periodically throw Richard out. He would spend several weeks at his mother s house, or with another woman, but would always come back to Linda. Although she knew
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