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and represents much more than a single belief. They comprise meaning held in physical, emotional, verbal, visual, acoustic, kinetic, olfactory, tactile and kinaesthetic form. These aspects of meaning interact to convey the powerful sense that is carried by the schema. The following example (see Figure 14.2) illustrates the complexity of schemata, explaining their resilience to classic challenging:
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FIGURE 3.2 Cross sections of three forms of ber: (a) multimode, (b) conventional single mode, and (c) hole-assisted single-mode ber.
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There is little denying that the criminal law was used in eighteenth-century England as part of a naked attempt to defend the property of the aristocracy, the landed gentry, and those involved in trade and commerce. A massively coercive criminal code was employed to terrorise the population to respect the rights of those with property in whatever form:
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30. Id. 31. The university closed the Washington Public Affairs Center in 2001, after almost three
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The client acquires a reference to the home interface and then invokes business methods defined in the bean s remote interface.
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Figure 7.35 Bit rate variation (MPEG-4 Simple Pro le)
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Delay is the time taken for a packet to travel between two nodes, and may be divided into one-way and round-trip delay. More formally following RFC 2330 [3], RFC 2679 [7] and RFC 2681 [8], delay is the time between the first bit of an object
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