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6.1 US Regulatory Status in the 1990s
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Building a Simple XUL Interface
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employing some strategies of divorce therapy as they help their clients work through the decision about divorce and the adjustment to divorce, once it is clear that the marriage is going to be dissolved. Sprenkle (1989) has written that divorce therapy can be described as relationship treatment whose goal is to diminish and eventually dissolve the marital bonds, in contrast to marital therapy that seeks to enhance and preserve the marital bond. Of course, such a dichotomy is rarely apparent in clinical practice. More often, the therapist finds himself or herself in a period that may be lengthy and ambiguous of alternating back and forth between exploring preservation and uncoupling, reflecting the normal ambivalence of the separating partners. Couples may present with goals of saving the marriage, when, in actuality, at least one partner is fairly certain and committed to dissolution. The opposite may also be the case. The point is that the distinction between divorce therapy and marital therapy is not tidy, and the therapist must continue to help clients assert their real desires and must sensitively monitor the goals and commitments of the clients, and be flexible to changing strategies appropriate to those goals. There are essentially five areas from which divorce therapy, as currently conceived and practiced, has derived: (1) marital and family therapy, including both psychodynamic systems and behavioral approaches; (2) crisis-intervention treatment; (3) grief and bereavement counseling; (4) educational-supportive counseling; and (5) developmental psychology ( J. K. Rice & Rice, 1986). My approach incorporates elements of all these areas, but I find it most valuable to work with divorcing clients from a family life cycle perspective that will be elaborated later in greater detail. PSYCHOANALYTIC APPROACHES A basic premise of most psychodynamic approaches in treating marital and family conflict is that partner and family difficulties are often seen as symptoms of unresolved childhood conflicts. These conflicts may be repeated across generations, paralleling the idea of fixation or regression to earlier less mature developmental levels. The idea of the intergenerational transmission of divorce is also predicated on the assumption that unresolved personal, relational, and familial conflicts get played out in succeeding generations of the family. Much of the initial phases of treatment in working with divorcing clients focuses on ameliorating the crisis and traumatic aspects of the divorce decision and adjustments. Later in treatment, a careful exploration of the history and patterns of individual and family dysfunction is critical in helping clients understand the dynamics of the problems and in gaining insights and tools to break old patterns and to make healthier choices. Thus, both practical problem solving and dynamic exploration need to be part of the divorce process in therapy. A tenet of psychodynamic couple therapy is that the root of most couple problems can be found in the failure of one or both partners to individuate
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Gabriel graphs (GGs) [13] and relative neighborhood graphs (RNGs) [45] have extensively been studied in conjunction with planar graph routing. Both methods assume an underlying UDG topology and that each node is aware of the positions of its immediate neighbor nodes. A Gabriel graph is obtained by removing all UDG edges (u, v) that satisfy that at least one neighbor node w lies in the circle U(u, v) with diameter |uv| and passing through nodes u and v (see Fig. 15.4a). A relative neighborhood graph is obtained in the same way but using a broader area to detect such a node w. The edge (u, v) is removed whenever a further neighbor node w lies within the intersection of the circles U(u) and U(v) with radius |uv| and centers u and v, respectively (see Fig. 15.4b). Both graph constructions result in a planar graph and maintain connectivity of the underlying UDG. Moreover, it is obvious that relative neighborhood graph is a subtopology of Gabriel graph. Bose et al. investigated that RNG and GG are not network spanners with respect to the Euclidean distance metric [3]. In the worst case
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Figure 11-9 adds a demand curve, D, to Figure 11-8 so that you can see what happens to total surplus when the government imposes a 1 per kilo tax on the beef that s sold in the beef market.
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A shock to the system: Adjusting to a shift in aggregate demand
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22.2.1 3G: a Service-oriented Picture
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The many tax limitations make the tax benef its of the partnership type of shared equity arrangements shown in the preceding example of very limited value for many investors.
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Note that all of the new interfaces available with release 2.0 deal with the MessageDrivenBean and local objects. The rest of the interfaces in the javax.ejb package existed in the previous EJB specification release. All of these interfaces are discussed in this appendix.
In the first example, you are looking for the yum-utils package. You don t remember which repository it is in, but you know it s not in the livna repository (so you disable that). In the second example, the livna repository had been disabled (by adding an enabled 0 to the repository s .repo file), so it specifically had to be enabled to install the mplayer package. One issue that can slow down the performance of yum is that it s constantly going out and getting fresh metadata before performing the operation you request. If you feel
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Terminal RLC MAC MAC-es/e WCDMA L1
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