Optical Burst Switching and Grid Infrastructure in .NET

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The Service Execution Environment and Context Delivery
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Neural Network and Proximal Support Vector Models NEURAL NETWORKS Neural networks are behavior models that learn behavior through so-called neural nets. A neural net that is ignorant at the beginning learns its pattern or direction from a collection of many examples. In the case of CreditModel, historical nancial information (10 inputs) and the risk rating of the rm are used as learning examples. A statistical model is built as a result of this learning process. The following gure attempts to show the detail of the operation on a neural net process. Data on a particular rm is inputted into the neural net. The various pieces of data on the rms are ltered/transmitted through the connections, being modi ed until they reach the bottom of the network with a set of results (e.g., a rating). Then how does the neural net actually learn Once the data are inputted into the neural net, these values are propagated toward the output, predicted values. Initially the predicted values would most likely contain large errors. The computed error values (the difference between the expected value and the actual output value) are then back-propagated by backtracking the network connections modifying the weights proportionally to each one s contribution to the total error value. These adjustments are repeated and in this manner the model is improved. PROXIMAL SUPPORT VECTOR (PSV) MODELS Development work on support vector models began more than 25 years ago. Support vector machines reduce the task of estimating a rating to an optimization problem, as neural network models do. For the application we are considering, the modeling problem may be viewed as a series of classi cation problems. That is, given the data we have on a particular rm, we need to classify that rm according to membership in the 19 categories: AAA AA+ or Better ... CCC or Better The output of these classi cation models can be used to determine a score for each of the rms. Support vector machines solve such classi cation problems.
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Code execution may require that rmware instruction sets and routines are permanently burned-into read-only memory (ROM). Special environments are also required for code development. The target device will be emulated on a different, development machine with higher functionality but capable of testing the code to ensure that it will run satisfactorily on the target. This approach is quite standard practice for engineers involved in the development of so-called embedded systems, but may be rather unfamiliar ground for traditional systems programmers. A good description of what is involved in designing for such systems, particularly in the case of Java but also of general relevance, is given in [23]. Consequently, it is sensible to consider most mobile terminals to be similar to consumer products in construction, price and exibility, rather than to computers. Alongside this technical similarity, mobiles also tend to share the product marketing traditions of consumer products: high reliability without pro-active maintenance and a relatively slow rate of issue of new versions, again very unlike the PC market. There is a very intriguing issue in the battle for the de facto standard for the user interface. There are three principal contenders, coming from the domains of mobile phone, personal organiser and PC, (Figure 3.12). If mobile systems are seen as an extension of PCs, then Microsoft is the industry leader, with Windows CE, as its proposed solution for programmable consumer devices. In a joint venture with Qualcomm, they offer an integration of Windows CE with Microsoft BackOf ce and Microsoft Commercial Internet System, MCIS, and this is being taken up by some major US mobile phone service providers. Although some examples of personal customer use are cited, for example Radiant Systems offer a touch screen kiosk that customers can use to place orders within a restaurant, Microsoft s approach is heavily directed towards business and professional use of portable devices which it sees
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To illustrate the application of the DYA approach to architecture, the example below describes the merger between two fictional insurance companies, CFA (Certainty for All) of New York and E-polis of Boston. CFA specializes in offering property-and-casualty and life insurance policies through a network of brokers. CFA has a reputation as a respectable organization with solid products. If you take out insurance with CFA, it may be a little more expensive; but you never get a bad deal. The organizational structure and its IT systems are very product-oriented. There is a Property & Casualty business unit, which works with a large system that contains all policies and handles the settlement of insurance claims. This system also stores the data on the customers who have taken out Property & Casualty insurance policies. The system is written in COBOL and runs on an IBM mainframe computer under IMS. There is also a Life business unit, which, as the name suggests, deals in life insurance policies. For the administration of these policies, use is made of a standard software package on an AS/400 system. This package has been adapted over the years to the specific needs of CFA. The system contains data on customers who have taken out a life insurance policy. CFA has its affairs neat and tidy, but has trouble keeping up with developments in its field. CFA is losing market share. E-polis is a so-called direct writer, selling insurance policies directly to customers without the intervention of any intermediaries. E-polis is a young organization whose aggressive style has won the company a considerable part of market shares. Private customers can take out insurance policies via the Internet and by telephone. E-polis sells many travel insurance and car insurance policies because of the attractive premiums. Epolis has a matrix organization with business units that focus on sales through a specific channel. There is an E-sales business unit, for example, that concentrates on selling via the Internet and a Telemarketing business unit that deals with selling over the telephone. In addition, there are business units that are responsible for product development and administration in the field of property-and-casualty and life insurance, respectively. E-polis has a large diversity of systems. The E-sales business unit, for example, uses Sun Solaris servers and NT servers for its website, a
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It is not uncommon to perform standard operations on the trade representation. For example, the writer of a pricing model may wish to insist upon the trade being single currency, or that the trade doesn t contain any exercise stubs. The module ppf.core.trade utils is the repository for such standard operations. The final important date function, detailed
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Electrically Small Antennas
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