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respective attorneys to agree in writing to any change in dates and time periods provided for in this Contract. 25. Binding Effect. This Contract shall apply to and bind the heirs, executors, administrators, successors, distributees, and assigns of the respective parties. In witness whereof this contract has been executed by the parties: Purchaser Purchaser STATE OF ONESTATE ) : ss.: COUNTY OF OAKLAND ) day of , 20 , before me personally On this came PAUL PURCHASER, to me known and known to me to be the individual described in and who executed the foregoing instrument, and he duly acknowledged to me that he executed the same. Notary Public STATE OF ONESTATE ) : ss.: COUNTY OF OAKLAND ) On this day of , 20 , before me personally came PAT PURCHASER, to me known and known to me to be the individual described in and who executed the foregoing instrument, and she duly acknowledged to me that she executed the same. Notary Public ) : ss.: COUNTY OF OAKLAND ) On this day of , 20 , before me personally came SAM SELLER, to me known and known to me to be the individual STATE OF ONESTATE Seller Seller
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Project planning in a market environment proceeds in a very similar fashion as it does in a utility environment with some differences. The steps mapped out in Section 5.1 apply; as with a utility environment, there is a host of regulatory agencies that
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[100] IEEE Spectrum Special Edition on Electronic Money, February, 1997. [101] http://www.w3.org. [102] Morris S, Electronic payments: crime and prevention, a treasury viewpoint, IEEE Spectrum, February, 1997. [103] http;//mondex.com. [104] http://www.w3.org/TR/WD-Micropayment-Markup. [105] http://www.setco.org. [106] http://www.inetmi.com. [107] Secure Computing, August, 2000. [108] Sevcik P & Forbath T, The Call Centre Revolution. Northeast Consulting, http://www.3com.co/technology/tech_net/white_papers/500685.html. [109] http://www.mitel.co.uk. [110] Silling J, CTI, piece by piece, Byte, February, 1997. [111] http://www.thebradygroup.com/KSBAWhitePaper.shtml. [112] Financial Times Case Study, 2 October, 1996, page VIII. [113] http://notes.net. [114] Roussos K, WAP Enabled Telemetry, MSc dissertation, University of Leeds School of Computing, 2000. [115] Information and Technology in the Supply Chain, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Euromoney Publications, 1999. [116] Schmid B & Lindemann M, Elements of a Reference Model for Electronic Markets, Proceedings of the 38th HICCS Conference, 1998. [117] Miranda R, SAP R/3 Overview, www.originet.com.br/users/miranda/ overview.htm, 1997. [118] http://www.sap.com. [119] http://www.proxim.com/wireless/whiteppr/whatwlan.shtml. [120] http://www.ndclan.com/Wireless/wlanW1.htm. [121] http://www.elogistics101.com. [122] http://www.uc-council.org. [123] http://www.ean.be. [124] http://www.adams1.com/pub/russadam/stack.html. [125] http://ean.eurosecure.net. [126] http://www.sensormatic.com. [127] http://www.foodlogistics.com. [128] Manpower White Paper, Ilog.com, April, 1997. [129] http:// www.ilog.fr. [130] http:// WWW.ris.com, Retailers see forecasting in their future, RIS News, Febriary 1998 Issue. [131] Gebauer J & Segev A, CALS Expo International & 21st Century Commerce, Long Beach, CA, 1998, also in virtual-organisation.net Newsletter V2, No 3 [132] Foner L, What s an Agent, Anyway A Sociological Case Study, Agents Memo 93-01, Agents Group, MIT Media Lab, foner@media.mit.edu. [133] Klusch M (Ed.), Intelligent Information Agents, Springer, Berlin, 1998. [134] Zeng et al., Dynamic supply chain structuring for electronic commerce
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Source: Towers Perrin
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In designing and developing new products, it is essential to understand what is being offered and therefore to appreciate the customer s perception of the product. As shown in Figure 6.3, there are four basics in terms of fashion design, namely silhouette or form,
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investor believes that a particular STRIPS or CMO may assist with outperforming the benchmark because of its unique contributions to duration and convexity or because it is undervalued in some way, then these products may be purchased. Treasuries are typically among the lowest-yielding securities in the taxable fixed income marketplace, and a very large percentage of Treasuries have a maturity between one and five years. For this reason, many investors will try to substitute Treasuries in this maturity sector with agency debentures or highly rated corporate securities that offer a higher yield.
contract diversity which is the envy of every futures exchange the world over. . . . But it is the Merc s future that attracts me most. The world is changing and with this change comes enormous opportunity. We must not and will not fail to seize the moment. And, in fact, the Merc did seize the moment. While we could have sulked and licked our wounds, we instead took a losing situation and turned it into a big winner. We reached into the deep resources of Merc courage and innovation and produced an idea that so far has stolen the show from the Board of Trade. Not only did we in just three months put together the necessary technology to launch a new electronic product my hat is off to Don Serpico and our MIS Department. Not only did we launch a public relations campaign that has won us rave revues my hat is off to Marshall Stein and Ellen Reznick, from staff, and the Merc Marketing Department. We put the new contract on a 24-hour window, attracted a universe of retail users that never before dealt in futures, provided a market for many of our members who otherwise had trouble participating in equity futures, provided another avenue of potential income for our brokers, and stole the thunder from the CBOT. Sure, ultimately the Dow will be a successful contract, but so far it must have been a big disappointment, much more so if you consider what the CBOT paid for it plus the cost of marketing. No doubt it put the CBOT in hock for years and years to come. And lo and behold, the unexpected and even unthinkable has happened . . . there are days that our E-Mini volume beats the Dow. And this is long before we have reached the Internet, and long, long before we have achieved our full potential with retail users worldwide. And all the while, the E-Mini has taken no business from our main S&P contract, in fact you can make the case that it adds to it. And while I am on this subject, allow me to do this risky thing, there were many who put their shoulder to wheel of this success, but there were those whose names I want to give mention Bill Shepard and Barry Lind. They stood tall at my side throughout the dif cult process. The E-Mini is an example of what I meant when I stated that the Merc is best when challenged. But, of course it doesn t end there. The E-Mini is just one step in the right direction. But it counts because success is the culmination of a series of steps. And one success begets another. The Merc was not built in one day, nor on one successful contract. It took several decades and many contracts. And the turnaround in our fortunes will also occur over time and within a menu of many steps we have already taken and those we have yet to take. Of course, instead of joining hands and moving forward step by step, we can turn our back to the reality of today s dif cult demands. We can bicker amongst ourselves, spend valuable time on the inconsequential,
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There is no reason why all these tasks cannot be performed by one skilled computer operator; however, the question today must be whether we need to train designers or computer operators. Although in 1992 only 150 out of 9000 fashion companies in the UK were using these systems to design garments, this number has increased dramatically, particularly as the systems become more exible and prices are reduced. These programmes can dramatically speed up the time it takes for a garment to get into the stores. They are also very cost effective both in terms of time saved and in minimizing fabric wastage. Perhaps the biggest saving that these systems can offer is in the area of pattern making and grading. Some high street retailers like to deal with designers using this system as they can easily ask for adjustments to be made without delaying delivery time. So decisions are made more quickly and the buyer has more choice and in uence. Made-to-measure has been used as a means of producing garments since the inception of clothing. Since the industrial revolution, standardized sizing has gained prominence as it brings affordable garments to many markets. With growing populations comes diversity, the need for exibility and the desire for better tting clothes for all, not just those who can afford it. CAD can take a customer s measurements and reproduce designs or patterns for many different garments, quickly and accurately. It also can grade patterns for different sizes. A further development in technology for the clothing market is for use in the made-to-measure market, where a system like a body scanner can be used to measure body size and shape within seconds to provide electronic tailoring. In the future, virtual reality could transform the fashion business. There would be no need for supermodels or scrambles to get the front row at the fashion show. Designers could have the model they wanted parading around their salons, while clients could view whole couture collections in the comfort of their own homes.
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