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We conclude the chapter with some remarks. Remarks As noted above it is common that a valuation for a CCGT is better than that of a CT. While the NPV is a factor in selecting a contract, there are other factors that must be considered. Companies must select instruments that match the needs of their overall portfolio. Additionally, companies may perform a risk assessment of the various instruments and incorporate the risk assessment into their selection process. The result is that a CT may be selected instead of a CCGT even though the NPV of the CCGT is greater. (Risk assessment is discussed further in 10.) Companies often run competitive solicitations for products such as tolling agreements. The solicitations may target a speci c technology such as a CT or a CCGT in line with the needs of the portfolio. The valuations in this chapter all use a single discount rate, 12 percent. Some companies may use different discount rates for different projects. The discount
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The Cordless Telephony System (CTS) was begun as a project within GSM in 1997. CTS was designed to allow a user to have a mini-base station connected to the PSTN within their house. When the user arrived at home, they would camp onto their home base station and make calls via the PSTN, instead of camping onto a cellular base station and making calls via the GSM network. This proposal had some revenue implications for operators, but also had a number of possibilities for abuse. A fraudster could increase the power of the mini-base station so as to match that of cellular base stations and so provide a cellular like service in a certain area, using spectrum that belonged to a legitimate operator. A fraudster might also camp onto a base station that did not belong to him/her and so make calls at someone else s expense. SMG10 was therefore called upon to assist in the development of security for CTS. This it did and the result is in an annex of [2]. Security is based on secret key mechanisms. The home base station must possess a SIM and is authenticated by the network through the xed network. The mobile phone and home base station initially authenticate each other through simple input of a PIN to both and thereafter by a randomly generated secret key.
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where Z means the set of integers. The order of mp,q (S) is said to be p + q. Note that the zeroth-order moment m0,0 (S) of a shape S coincides with the area of S. 12.5.1 Shape Normalization: Gravity Center and Orientation
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CHAPTER 7. LEARNING GLOBAL STRUCTURE Hartley information needed to determine coordinates: log2 4 + log2 3 = log2 12 3.58 coordinate pair: log2 6 2.58 gain: log2 12 log2 6 = log2 2 = 1
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Relationships Between Riparian Forest Structure and Avian Diversity
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(Continued )
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Figure 5-13 Ernst Abbe, 1840 1905. Principles of microscope and objective lens design, the theory of image formation in the microscope, and standardized lens manufacturing procedures all trace their beginnings to the work of Ernst Abbe and his collaborations with Carl Zeiss in Jena, Germany, in the 1860s. Until then, lens making was an art and a craft, but the new industrial philosophy demanded technical perfection, lens designs based on theory and research, and improvements in raw materials. At Abbe s initiative, lens curvatures were examined using an interference test with Newton s rings, and lens designs were based on Abbe s sine-squared condition to remove aberrations. He created the first planachromatic lens, and after much research, the apochromatic lens, which was commercially sold in 1886. After many false starts over a 20-year period, the research-theory-testing approach for manufacturing lenses proved to be successful. These improvements and new photographic lens designs required new types of glass with values of refractive index and color dispersion that were not then available. Abbe and Zeiss won grants and developed new glasses in collaborations with the industrialist, Otto Schott, owner of the Jena Glassworks. Other
PES packets from multiple streams Multiplex Transport Stream
System Architectures and Programming Models
3 Advanced E-mail, Voice, and Messaging
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