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ACTIVITIES Role-play the following situations: 1. A teenager (age 14) has made an appointment for a counseling session with you, the school psychologist. Role-play the initial meeting during which the psychologist defines the parameters of confidentiality and discusses parent consent issues. 2. A parent, Mrs. Fox, has made an appointment with you to discuss her concerns about Bill, her 15-year-old son. She reports that Bill has become moody and difficult and that his grades have recently declined markedly. She would like you to meet with Bill to see whether you can discover what the problems are and report your findings back to her. Roleplay this initial meeting, including a discussion of consent and confidentiality issues. 3. During a precounseling screening session, Joan Bellows, a 16-yearold, confides in you that she might be pregnant. Role-play how you might handle this situation.
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9.3.2 Server Designer s View of Composite Object Life Cycle
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Security policy What do we want to secure, how does this relate to our business processes, our staff and our customers, who is likely to attack us, why and for what gain, etc. Security system what are the procedures for authentication, access, key-management, audit, IT staff issues, etc. Security technologies (a) Implementations networks, computer systems, key-management channels, etc. (b) Algorithms DES, RSA, etc.
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Rebuilding Your RPM Database
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Case 1. Load = 2200 MWH; 1000 MWH are required from the coal units. Step 1. Select an initial production level for Venus I and Venus II that satis es the total production constraint. Initially, set the production of both units at 500 MWH to satisfy the 1000-MWH need. Step 2. Calculate the marginal costs of the selection. MC1(500) = $37.45/MWH MC2(500) = $37.10/MWH Step 3. If possible, increase the production of the unit with cheaper marginal cost by 1 MWH and decrease the production of the unit with more expensive costs by the same amount and return to Step 2. Otherwise, a candidate solution has been identi ed.
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Blend Your Work and Your Personal Life
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Case 11 3 Charlie Maxwell was pleased when asked to provide field-based supervision for an African-American intern. His district has had difficulty recruiting African-American school psychologists, and he is hopeful that his new intern, Donita, might be interested in future employment with his district. Donita came to the internship with strong assessment and intervention skills for an entry-level practitioner. She had grown up in the inner city and was able to establish a warm, positive rapport with a number of AfricanAmerican parents who were previously uninvolved with the school. However, Sam received several negative evaluations of Donita from principals and teachers because they were unable to understand the Black English she used when conversing with parents during meetings.
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However, complex developing systems can become predictable in at least two ways. If the systems are cyclic in their behavior, the patterns of these cycles can be subject to discernment; and in the case of more complex systems, behavior can be recognized as emergent in nature. In this case as well, the patterns of the emergent behavior can be identi ed. In the stories of inventors and inventions, we will nd patterns of discovery. From this we will highlight the course of technology development as a forecast of potential innovation.
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Equity Uncertainty of Drift and default (with less seniority than bonds) Dividend reinvestment rates Price (at any time)
Autonomy as a right
E(IFq ) is cyclic if and only if n2 = 1. P E is an n-torsion point if nP = O and E[n] is the set of all n-torsion points. If gcd(n, q) = 1, then E[n] Zn Zn . = Supersingular Elliptic Curves gular if p|t where t = q + 1 #E(IFq ). An elliptic curve E/IFq is supersin-
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