Solymar (1958) found the maximum directivity of a line source whose distribution was a Fourier series. Superdirectivity can occur when the number of harmonics N exceeds the source L/ . Analogous situations between acoustics and electromagnetic waves were described by Kock (1959). These include waveguides, and other guiding structures, and wave diffraction. Of interest here is his demonstration of superdirectivity using ve small loudspeakers with rheostats and reversing switches (normal excitation for comparison). Superdirectivity of about 4x was easily achieved!
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where a is the semimajor axis of the ellipse, b is the semiminor axis, and e2 a2 b2 =a2 is the eccentricity squared. Geodetic Latitude Rate north velocity is then The rate of change of geodetic latitude as a function of dfgeodetic vN ; dt rM h
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GUS processor Type 9 message
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string = "Program SCHIZO.PAR does a simple psychiatric evaluation.\n" ; string + "You will be asked if certain behavioral manifestations " ; string + "are present. Enter your confidence, anywhere from zero "; string + "to 1000, that they are present.\n" ; string + "Zero means you are sure that they are not present,\n" ; string + "250 means probably not,\n" ; string + "500 means you are evenly balanced between yes and no,\n" ; string + "750 means probably yes,\n" ;
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:rule r16 rule block 8 (goal Adds response to library) IF (in Count id1 = <ID1> AND id2 = <ID2> AND N > 2) (in Responses id = <ID2> AND response = <R>) THEN reset, message "New data\: conditioning <ID2> to <ID1> response <R>\n", delete 1, make Conditioned id1 = "<ID1>" id2 = "<ID2>" response "<R>";
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