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HSPA architecture and protocols
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7: Fighting Recessions with Monetary and Fiscal Policy
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Figure 4.4 Sets of conditional independence statements with certain symmetries can be represented by undirected graphs but not by directed graphs.
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Figure 5.7 E-DPCCH frame structure.
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The 2004 REALTrends 500 annual study of leading real estate firms has just been released, and RE/MAX operations lead all other franchises and combined independents again. Because of ties, the list actually totals 567 firms, with 169 (29.8 percent) of them being RE/MAX firms. Independents (non-franchised firms) totaled 130 (22.9 percent) for second place in total firms, and Coldwell Banker was third with 109 (19.2 percent). REALTrends reported a record number of firms attained $1 billion in total sales volume from closed residential sales in 2003 and lists 141 firms that achieved The Billionaire s Club status. Among them, 21.9 percent, or a total of 31, were RE/MAX operations. This year s Up-and-Comers those not making the REALTrends 500 but closing more than 500 transaction sides also set a new record. Again, RE/MAX led this category with 119, or 36 percent, of the 330 total firms.
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Creating a Pace-Line Project Culture
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Application-dependent characteristics and requirements Fault tolerance Heterogenity Localization Mobility Packaging Power awareness Real-time Scalability Security Time synchronization
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Energy, Load, and Generation Technologies
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