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Coding JavaBeans
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Ridley, Worth Repeating, 39. Michael Barrier, Relating to the Audit Committee, Internal Auditor (April 2002), 29 30. Christy Chapman, Raising the Bar, Internal Auditor (April 2001), 55. Id. Eakin, Penetrating the Mind by Metaphor, B-11. Mike Tannenbaum, Risk Management in the Limelight, Risk Management (March 2002), 6. Carol Hymowitz, Business s New Agenda, Workplace Security, The Wall Street Journal Reports, The Wall Street Journal (March 11, 2002), R-6. Id. Barsky, From Triple-X to Just Extraordinary, A-20.
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where the gyroscope compensation parameters are the nine elements of the gyroscope scale factor misalignment matrix Mg and the three components of the output bias vector vbias. The rst-order sensitivities of compensated rotation rate to variations in these parameters can be calculated as the partial derivatives @vinput Mg ; @vbias @ 0; oj;input oj;bias ; 6:81 k T i; k i; 6:82
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Every time the client requests some resource available from the server, the client passes the session ID as part of the request. The server uses the session ID to access the requested resource. Think of the server maintaining a collection of dictionaries or hash tables one for each client and the session ID is the entry into the dictionary/table for that client. Figure 5-1 depicts interaction between a client and a server during a session.
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On January 1, 1975, gold ownership and trading were legalized in the United States. Four exchanges vied for dominance at the start of trading. Ultimately, only two remained viable. One was the IMM. For the next eight years, the CME was synonymous with gold trading. For a long time it was our leader in volume and open interest. Cyclical economic and tax changes sapped gold s volatility and the marketplace could not support trading on two exchanges.
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